PCIM Europe 2009 Power Point Slide Show
DSP Scaling
Learn scaling for 16-bit integer, fraction and mixed-word notation with PID drwings
DSP Control
Learn digital control of SMPS and achieve optimum PID controller
Novel Approach to DSP 12MB file
Extensive article on novel approach to DSP design using IsSpice4 for simulating digital control and much more
Automating DSP Design Using Augmented SPICE Simulation
Learn how the IsSpice4 matrix is used to program the DSP. Lots on control system design simulation.

Z Transform Basics
Schematic of z Xformed plant model & compares the s-plane and z-plane frequency response

SMPS and Extracting Hidden Variables
Learn PID and the use of a Plant model and Kalman filter in extracting hidden variables
Quantisizing Noise
Learn about noise sources with SMPS DSP, EMI, and how to control these entities
Transfer Func. Analysis
Learn how the control system transfer function can be computed without expensive test