Rubberbanding Key New Feature in Intusoft's ICAP/4 Circuit Simulator

San Pedro, CA (June 10, 2002) -- Intusoft will demonstrate rubberbanding and other significant new features in its latest ICAP/4Windows 8.x.10 release at the 39th Design Automation Conference (Booth 1660) in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 10-14th.

ICAP/4Windows was developed to provide accurate SPICE-based circuit simulation at an affordable price. The software features SpiceNet, an integrated schematic capture program; IsSpice4, the only SPICE simulation engine with true interactive features; extensive model libraries, and IntuScope5 waveform analyzer. Intusoft's latest ICAP/4 release offers these enhanced features:

  • Rubberbanding - This new feature allows you to move a set of components without breaking associated wiring connections. The ALT key acts as a toggle ON/OFF switch to enable and disable this function.

  • One-Click Advanced Parameters Access - Now you can access Standard, Monte, Optimize, Sweep, Parameters, and Tolerance in one easy button click on the main Simulation Control Dialog box.
  • Send a Script to Scope of Spice Directly from the Schematic - Use the new SendScript feature to send an ICL script from the schematic directly to Scope5. From the schematic, select A to get into text mode, type your script, right click the mouse button and select Send Script to send the script to Scope5. The script will be automatically run in the Scope5 waveform analyzer.

  • Easily Add Sweep and Optimize Part Parameters - Within Sweep and Optimize dialogs you can now select from a part list and edit part parameters without leaving the dialog box.
  • Better Optimizer Information - After you enter a percent tolerance for the optimized parameter, you are able to view the minimum, maximum and mean value for that parameter
  • Modified B Element -Added the capability to copy "B Element" expressions to the part comments, so they will be displayed on the drawing. Also added an Enter dialog for entering very long expressions.

  • Easy Location of Subcircuit Vectors - The Add Waveform Dialog in IntuScope now features an expandable tree structure for subcircuit vectors.

  • Dynamic Help Menu For IntuScope5 - HELP now includes updated Movie Tutorials, and web access to the latest documentation.

  • New ICL Scripts Added - Expandx, expandy, and expandxAllPlots ICL scripts were added to let you easily modify your waveform viewing area. Family script was added to create eye diagrams. Superfamily script combines multiple vector tags into one to reduce presentation clutter. Drawing scripts allow you to easily format waveform graphs.
  • Smith Charts - As a Test Designer, ICAP/4 Professional, or RF user, you can now plot Smith Charts by reading in a Touchstone formatted file. Smith Charts may be used to calculate impedance determination, impedance matching, noise figure optimization, or stability.

The ICAP/4 Windows software includes a Windows-based SpiceMod data sheet modeling program, a new Library Manager, and a completely redesigned waveform analyzer. The analyzer contains new waveform viewing features and new mathematical operations with waveforms for instant "what-if" analysis. New BSIM4, version 4.2 MOSFET models and EKV models were also added for the design and simulation of low voltage, low-current analog, and mixed analog-digital circuits using submicron CMOS technologies.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning software applications and tools for analog and mixed-signal circuit design, analysis and test automation. Intusoft is based in San Pedro, California.


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