Creating new IsSpice4 Models, and Conversion to IsSpice4 from Pspice

If you have any of Intusoft's ICAP/4Rx offerings, then you do not have Intusoft's Library Manager Tool. Therefore you must follow steps 1-4 below. Otherwise, click on and follow Intusoft's IsSpice4 User's Guide appendix D and E.

Note: Pspice syntax is slightly different from IsSpice4 syntax, which closely follows Berkley SPICE3F.5 syntax.
If you have a Pspice model, then implement these changes to the netlist (shown here).

Device Model Creation (ICAP/4 Rx users):
1) Many parts can be added to the same ASCII text .lib file. We separate each part by using ***** as delimiters. This means that the netlist will be enclosed by a line that starts with 5 or more asterisks. Therefore, add this to the top and bottom of your netlist (the line of *****). Even if you are only adding one part, you still need to implement this procedure. Also, if you have boxes or lines in the middle of the netlist made up of *****, then replace them with *--- so you don't segment your model into multiple parts. This is necessary because all other SPICE simulators consider a line that begins with one * as a comment line.

2) After the ***** line marking where your part begins, you will be adding a *SRC= line to link to SpiceNet's part browser. The text on this line matches what is shown in the part browser and will be searched for when you click on the “find” button in the part browser.


Note: The combined length of the Part Number and Notes fields should be no longer than 30 characters. The Part Type and SubType each should be no longer than 13 characters. The SubCkt field MUST be unique and match the model name on the .subckt line below. Spaces, or !@#$%^&* characters, are NOT allowed for the SubCkt field.

3) After the *SRC= line you will be adding a *SYM= line to point to which symbol you want your part to use. You can browse the part browser for an existing symbol and type its name here, to simply use the same symbol as an equivalent part. SpiceNet also includes generic box symbols so you can use *SYM=##pin where ## is a number between 01 and 32. The number of pins on your symbol must match the number of nodes on your subckt line.

.subckt SubCkt node1 node2 node3


4) Finally, place the saved.lib file with your added part netlist to the c:\spice8\pr folder and run MakeDB. MakeDB can be run from the ICAP_4 Program Files menu, or by selecting File > Update Part Database from within SpiceNet.