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Free SPICE3-based Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Software

Click on the link below to download our free demo:
Free ICAP/4Windows Demo Software V8.x.11 Build 4142
Note: Temporarily disable any anti-virus programs before installing. Hardware requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
128 Megs of RAM and 30 Megs of free hard disk space.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the download please contact us at 310-547-0197 or E-mail to receive a free demo CD in the mail.

Please include your name and complete mailing address.

(47 Meg Download) limitations listed below:
Includes 30 Power Supply Templates from ON Semiconductor.

Check out our New User Tutorial 1 (.pdf or .htm)
and New User Tutorial 2
(.pdf or .htm) (follow-on to tutorial 1 discusses advanced features included in ICAP/4Windows and higher offerings).


- The ICAP/4Windows Demo has a 20 Parts simulation limit. If you place more than 20 parts on the schematic, or place a subcircuit model comprised of more than 20 parts, the Demo CD will provide a "too complex" message and will not simulate the design.

- 1,514 models are included in the Demo CD, out of 23,500+ available from Intusoft's ICAP/4 model collection
(See model list or product comparison for which models are available in each package)
Note: No limitation in the Demo CD is imposed regarding the addition of your own SPICE3 compatible models.

- Explore "GFT," a truly cutting-edge modeling technique for measuring open-loop properties in a closed design topology without breaking the loop. Valuable for the design of power electronics, ICs, servo systems…any loop configuration. Its creator, Dr. R. David Middlebrook with California Institute of Technology, also presents a wealth of techniques for successful SPICE simulation. The ICAP/4Windows demo includes GFT Templates and also a User's Manual written by Dr. Middlebrook.

- The Scope5 Demo version (IntuScope waveform viewing and processing tool) will not allow you to use a text file of data points as a source.

- The Scope5 Demo version will not allow you to read in touchstone files and plot Smith charts.

- ICAP/4Windows Demo New User Tutorial Movies help you get started with ICAP/4Windows fast. They make learning basic concepts easy. Now you can learn SPICE the multimedia way!

- ICAP/4 documentation includes the IsSpice4 User's Guide, Working with Model Libraries, and the Power Supply Template instruction sheet. The IsSpice4 book contains a complete syntax reference guide to IsSpice4, including data on advanced analyses, model parameters, and Interactive Command Language (ICL) scripts. "Working with Model Libraries" contains information and equations for key IsSpice4 semiconductor models and subcircuits. The Power Supply Template instruction sheet goes through an example circuit to show the value and time-savings of these powerful and ready-to-use power supply designs.

Extensive in-application help is included in the software. It walks you through any aspect of the ICAP/4 software and documentation.

Hardware requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and requires 128 Megs of RAM and 30 Megs of free hard disk space.

Ancillary Material - Install on TOP of ICAP/4Demo software above

ICAP/4 PCB Export (19 Meg Download)
ICAP/4 contains a Bartels AutoEngineer PCB demo included with all ICAP/4 software packages. Install this if you are interested in seeing the seamless export of a sample ICAP/4 SpiceNet design, to work with Bartels' "AutoEngineer" PCB software. This package includes the Bartels PCB demo, and a self-guided tutorial that will walk you through how to assign correct PCB footprint information, including PCB export example circuits with step by step directions.

Two-Port Network Tutorial Examine this step-by-step tutorial on using the ICAP/4 Two-Port application. It covers basic network behavior and simulation of a two-port design, including use of ICAP/4's Library Manager. The tutorial is valid for networks using Y, G, H, Z, S, and T parameters.


Magnetics Designer Demo Software

Magnetics Designer Demo Software Build 4142 (4.7 Meg Download) limitations listed below:

- This demo comes with fixed Fair-Rite Core Library (Subset of our extensive Fair-Rite Core library. You can not add more cores to this Demo Version. Note: The actual software allows you to easily add any core you want and includes many thousands of cores from different vendors.

- This Demo limits you to only 2 windings. Note: The actual software allows you to have 32 windings.

- The ability to save is disabled in this Demo.

- The ability to produce summary and winding reports is disabled in this Demo.

- The SMPS wizard for creating Forward, Push-Pull, and Bridge Buck regulators using the transformer tab is disabled in Demo.
Note: The SMPS wizard for creating transformer coupled Flyback designs using the inductor tab is available to show how the SMPS wizards work.

Hardware requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, and requires 32 Megs of RAM and 15 Megs hard disk space.


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