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FilterMaster Demonstration Version

Filter Master

Hardware/Software Requirements

PC, DOS, Windows 95 or 98 (Does not run on Windows NT), 640k RAM
EGA OR VGA Monitor and compatible graphics
Optional: Mouse, Printer (Epson/IBM or HP LaserJet and compatibles), Plotters (HPGL compatible)


The FilterMaster Design Series is a set of standalone PC-based programs used for the specification, synthesis, and analysis of analog LC (lumped element) and active RC filters. FilterMaster programs includes both synthesis, as well as analysis capabilities, which allows filter topologies and characteristics to be easily compared for the optimal results.

Once a filter is finalized, it can be transferred directly onto your SpiceNet schematic and further simulated with IsSpice. The following types of filters can be synthesized:

Available approximations include:

FilterMaster Passive is a lower cost version of FilterMaster Professional It has reduced features and is capable of creating filters up to the 10th order. FilterMaster Professional can create filters up to the 50th order. FilterMaster Active can create filters up to the 20th order. (DOS ONLY)

Product Comparison

  Filter Master Passive FilterMaster
Maximum Degree 10th 50th 20th
Types of Filters
(LP, HP, BP, BS)
Passive Passive Active
Approximations :      
Standard Yes Yes Yes
Special General Amplitude No Yes Yes
Intelligent Specifications Menu Yes Yes Yes
User Specified Tolerance Scheme No Yes Yes
Unsymmetrical BP/BS Filters No Yes Yes
Parametric BP Filters No Yes No
Pole/Zero Output Yes Yes Yes
Variable Resistor Terminations Yes Yes No
User Defined Circuit Structures No Yes 3 quality levels
Choose Device Values from list Yes Yes Yes
Graphical Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Output to SPICE Yes Yes Yes
Monte Carlo Tolerances Yes Yes No
Printer/Plotter Support Same Same Same
Copy Protection No Yes No

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Active Version Options

Partial filters may be regrouped or have their individual amplifications changed

Poles & Zeros can be rearranged

Substitution of low, medium, and high quality partial filter structures

Component values are either shown as precise values or as the best possible match made from series or parallel connection of a set of user defined standard values

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Passive Version Options

Circuit topologies and values may be changed or reordered. Reverse, dual and two-port manipulations are available

Variations in the filters are also possible using Norton/Impedance transformation and Pi-to-Tee conversions

Component quality (Q) factors may be assigned

Terminating resistor values can be changed

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Professional Version

In the past, designing filters required a great deal of technical knowledge, as well as the ability and patience to work with detailed tables and text books. But today things are different. With FilterMaster Professional designers can produce results in a fraction of the time required using older methods. FilterMaster is a highly specialized CAE tool that synthesizes passive filters. It allows the designer to easily optimize filter specifications and investigate the filter transfer characteristics.

The capabilities of this program go far beyond what can be accomplished with "classical" filter cookbooks. FilterMaster is capable of generating approximations of much greater complexity then those found in data books. But because FilterMaster is so easy to use, even non-specialists can develop high quality, minimum cost filters.

The result for those who use FilterMaster Professional: design manufacturing time are reduced, design errors are eliminated, and the time to market for new products is greatly diminished. In many cases the price of the program will be recouped with your very first filter.

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