Pulse <Width>Pct
Description Make a pulse 110,20,25,50% of the x axis
  Makes a new vector which is the length of the default and <Width> percent of the span the default vector. The pulse transition will take place at the nearest data point so that quantizing error may be an issue.
Hot Key  none
Script _width = default[length(default)-1]
_width=_width - default[0]
_width=_width * (.1,.2,.25,.5)
result = pulse(_width)
plot result

Open scope and paste this script into the command window.
Then press <Ctrl + R> to plot a sine wave

Select "Build/pules/Pulse 50Pct, then multiply the result * y and plot it.
(result = result * y plot result)

set units = rad
pi =4*atan(1)
numpoints = 1000
time = (vector(numpoints)/(numpoints-1)*1m)
newplot sineplot time
setplot sineplot
y = sin(2*pi*time*1k)
plot y
set units = deg