About Intusoft

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs and markets today's leading analog and mixed-signal design automation tools, backing each product with the industry's most extensive service and support program. Intusoft furnishes its customers with a one-stop resource for their simulation tool needs by providing award-winning and time-tested products, documentation, and technical publications. Its solutions are cost effective and customer driven, also strengthened by a collection of solid partnerships. Intusoft has furnished its wealth of customers more than 19,000 copies of the ICAP/4 design, simulation and powerful fault & test software for Windows platforms.

Intusoft prides itself as not only the premiere supplier of a truly high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use design solution, but also maintains an unparalleled standard in its service, support and product reliability.

Company Profile

Intusoft was founded in March 1985 by president Lawrence G. Meares, who has devoted years of study in electrical engineering with more than 25 years experience in Computer Aided Engineering. He holds several U.S. patents, including the design of CAE tools.

Nature of Business
Intusoft Designs, Develops, Manufactures and Markets:

  • Complete schematic entry and design management front-end tools
  • Extensive analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation and verification applications
  • SPICE modeling software and services
  • Formal test development and fault analysis software
  • Magnetic design and synthesis software
  • Full DSP simulation and bi-directional firmware interface to Microchip and Texas Instruments DSP development systems
  • SPICE training
  • Full simulation support services
  • Relationship marketing approach including a formal reference account program

Customer Profile
Electrical engineers dedicated to the design of:

  • Power electronics
  • Consumer design
  • Communications networks and devices
  • Automotive electronics and systems
  • Military/Aerospace design
  • Automation control and robotic systems design
  • RF design
  • Filter design
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial controls
  • Construction equipment
  • IC/ASIC design
  • Test equipment and electronics
  • Other disciplines such as mechanical, oil, biological, and nuclear


Partial Client List
75% of the Fortune 500 electronics, aerospace, and computer companies own Intusoft products.

Businesses: 3M, ABB Ltd, Abbott Labs, AEL Industries, Alcatel, Allen Bradley, Allied Signals, AT&T Bell Labs, Beckman Instruments, Bell Northern, Boeing, Brookhaven Nat’l Labs, Bull HN, Chevron Oil, Chrysler, Control Data, Delco, Digital Equipment, Dow Chemical, EI Dupont, Eldec, Ericsson Corp, Exxon, GE, GEC Plessey, General Dynamics, Grumman, GTE, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Hughes, IBM, Intel, Loral, McDonnell Douglas, Mercedes Benz, Motorola, Northrop, Pacific Bell, Philip Morris, Raytheon, Rockwell, Seagate, Siemens, Tandem, Teledyne, Tektronix, TI, Thompson Consumer Electronics, Toshiba, TRW, Unisys, Varian, Westinghouse, Xerox and many more.

Institutions: A&M Tech, Ames Labs, Centers for Disease Control, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Devry, Draper Labs, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, John Hopkins, JPL, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Los Alamos Nat’l Labs, MIT-Lincoln Labs, NIH, Princeton, Rice, Rutgers, Sandia Nat’l Labs, SLAC, Smithsonian Institute, Stanford, Tufts, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, Yale and the US Army, Air Force and Navy.



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