This update provides an ongoing list of new component models added to ICAP/4’s extensive library collection, distributed amongst the product line’s various scalable offerings. These models are part of the latest ICAP/4 release.

Note: Next to the Library File is the Library Group(s) for which the component model belongs to. Also, an asterisk (*) at the end of a Part Number means it is an existing model that has been updated.

Models Added From Build 2641 to Build 2817= 41
Part Number Part Type SubType Description
74HCUxx.lib (Standard)
74HCU04 CMOS 74HCUxx Inverter
AD4A.lib (Standard & Rx)
AD8628 Amplifiers Analog Devices Zero-Drift Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Low Noise
AD8.lib (Standard & Rx)
OP493F Opamps AD-"OPxxx"  
APEX.lib (Standard & Rx)
PA241 Opamps Apex  
BB3.lib (Standard & Rx)
MPC102X1* Multiplexors Burr-Brown 2x1 Video Mux
BBOPA.lib (Standard & Rx)
OPA336 Opamps Burr-Brown Single-Supply
OPA569 Amplifiers Burr-Brown Rail to Rail 2A
BJTN.lib (Standard & Rx)
DTC114EE BJTs NPN Digital 50V 100mA
DTC323TK BJTs NPN Digital 15V 500mA
MMDT4401 BJTs NPN Si 40.0V 0.600A 250MHz Diodes
BJTP.LIB (Standard & Rx)
MMDT2907A BJTs PNP Si 60.0V 0.600A 200MHz Diodes
BSS_LO.lib (Standard)
BSS-138* MOSFETs N Siemens 50V 220mA 3.5 Ohm
Device.lib (Standard & Rx)
PI5C3125 Switches Behavioral 4-bit
Digital.lib (Standard & Rx)
APSA56-41 Diodes GaAs 7 Segment LED Common Cathode
diode6.lib (Standard)
MA3X152 Diodes Si 80.0V 0.100A 3.00ns Panasonic
MA4X174 Diodes Si 200V 0.500A 3.00ns Panasonic -
MA6X121 Diodes Si 80.0V 0.100A 3.00ns Panasonic -
IC.LIB (Standard & Rx)
LM555 Timers National Behavioral <2kHz
ICM7555 Timers Maxim Low Power
IGBT.LIB (Standard & Rx)
2MBI300U4H IGBTs No Diode 1.20kV 300A
IXGQ35N120BD1 IGBTs No Diode 1.20kV 75.0A 12.8nSec IXYS
JFET.LIB (Standard & Rx)
NE34018 JFETs N Low Noise 4V 10mA
ml4800.lib (Power)
ML4800PWMavg PWM Models PFC Forward Avg PWM Section
mux.lib (Standard)
PI5C3253 Multiplexors Behavioral 4:1 mux
ncp1230.lib (Power)
NCP1230P100 ON Semiconductor PFC Controllers 100k
NCP1230P133 ON Semiconductor PFC Controllers 133k
NCP1230 ON Semiconductor PFC Controllers 65k
POWBJT.LIB (Standard & Rx)
BUXD87 BJTs NPN Power 450V 0.500A
POWMOS.LIB (Standard & Rx)
STP3NB100 MOSFETs N Power >100V 1000V 3.0A
REG.LIB (Standard & Rx)
TL431IC* Voltage Ref. Intusoft IC level
SILICONX.LIB (Standard & Rx)
SI4948BEY MOSFETs P Siliconix 60-V 0.12 ohm 3.1A
STOPAMP.LIB (Standard & Rx)
TS482 Amplifiers St 100mW Amplifier
TIA.LIB (Standard & Rx)
OPA847 Amplifiers Texas Inst. 3.9 GHz Voltage Feedback
OPA842 Amplifiers Texas Inst. 400 MHz Unity-Gain
tny.lib (Power)
TNY253 PWM Models PFC Resonant ZVS CCM Switched
uc3855.lib (Power)
UC3855 UC3855sw PWM Models Resonant ZVS CCM Switched
UC3855avg UC3855avg PWM Models Resonant ZVS CCM Average
ucc2305.lib (Power)
HID35 Tubes Metal Halide HID 35 watt
sepicAvg PWM Models Average SEPIC CCM
ucc2305Avg PWM Models Average UCC2305 HID Controller
ucc289x.lib (Power)
UCC2891 PWM Models Unitrode Current Mode Active Clamp