Intusoft's New 8x10 2093 Software Release

Gardena, CA (October 31, 2003) -- Intusoft announced today its new ICAP/4 8x10 2093 release of analog and mixed-signal simulation software. 8x10 2903 primarily focuses on enhancements to ICAP/4's (SpiceNet) schematic capture system and (IntuScope) waveform processing tool.

Gains in ease of use and productivity were key objectives for this release, according to Lawrence Meares, President of Intusoft. Intusoft's new relationship-marketing program tallied a number of usability enhancement requests by way of formal survey and other customer input channels, implementing many of the inputs into 8x10 2093.

Using a gamut of new features, designers can now manage complex debug cycles faster and more efficiently. The host of functions is intuitive and expands ICAP/4's integrated processing of simulation and schematic data by incorporating new waveform display features; schematic functions; file operations and importation; and environmental attributes. Intusoft's Marketing Director, Tim Ghazaleh, commented that the enhancements were key because the importance of an aggressive design cycle should never be underestimated in helping meet today's stringent market entry requirements. A new XP style user interface is also included in the release as a selectable option. A complete list of new features is available at

ICAP/4 is Intusoft's family of analog, mixed-signal and mixed-systems design simulation tools. Intusoft's (IsSpice4) simulation kernel, ICAP/4 verification environment and associated libraries run on Windows 98/ME, NT/2000 and XP platforms.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning software to electronics industries worldwide. Its products comprise a breadth of applications geared for analog and mixed-mode circuit design, verification and test automation. Information on Intusoft and its products is provided at:


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