ACME Magnetics and Intusoft Partner to Simulate Magnetic Devices

San Diego, CA (February 25, 2008) - ACME Magnetics USA and Intusoft announced today a technological collaboration to incorporate ferrite cores produced by ACME Electronics Corporation into Intusoft's "Magnetics Designer" simulation product. Magnetics Designer automates the design of magnetic devices for manufacturing, plus builds a magnetic SPICE model for simulation of electronic systems. The capability will be showcased at the APEC 2008 convention in Austin, Texas at exhibition booth #208.

ACME Electronics Corporation produces ferrite cores in Taiwan, Malaysia and China. Their USA business unit has teamed with Intusoft, both headquartered in Southern California, to add ACME's ferrite materials and geometries into Magnetics Designer's extensive core database. Tim Ghazaleh, director of marketing for Intusoft quoted, "The addition of ACME's ferrite cores is of significant value to our user base for two paramount reasons. First, it connects one of the world's largest core manufacturers to our magnetic design and manufacturing end users. Secondly, ACME's market expertise in targeting key industries and respective magnetic manufactures will help augment our respective sales channels."

According to Ron Flores, Vice President of ACME Magnetics USA, "Intusoft's Magnetics Designer dramatically reduces design time by automating traditional methods of design. Our new relationship with Intusoft opens a unique opportunity for us to include performance characteristics of ACME products into a design-automation tool that our customers can use with confidence."

GCi Technologies headquartered in Plano, Texas USA spawned the initial effort to include several ACME ferrites into Magnetics Designer. Richard Meyer, engineering manager for GCi, was instrumental in supporting the collaboration to enhance the speed in developing GCi's magnetic devices compared to using spreadsheets.

Magnetics Designer runs on Windows 98 through VISTA and creates many types of layer and sector/split bobbin wound transformers and inductors. Its database contains thousands of cores, wide variety of materials and wire, and both linear and saturable-core SPICE models. The program predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance, peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance (including proximity effects and skin effect), AC and DC copper loss, core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill and window fill percentage.

More than 700 copies of the software have been sold to date. Several new materials from ACME requested by magnetic manufacturers will be added to the product in 2008.

Corporate Backgrounder:

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning electronic design automation software to electronic industries worldwide. Magnetics Designer and ICAP/4 are fully integrated simulation products for the design of inductive devices, and for any analog and mixed-signal circuitry using Intusoft's IsSpice4 4th-generation simulation technology. The tools enable entry for a wealth of magnetic datasheet specifications, inductive device synthesis, production of magnetic manufacturing spreadsheets, analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation, systems-verification for production, and fault diagnosis for field reliability.

Established in Taipei, Taiwan, ACME Electronics Corporation has been a leading developer of soft ferrites since 1991. ACME soft ferrites are used around the world by technology companies who specialize in products for automotive, consumer electronics, computer and communication industries. ACME's products are elements of inductance passive electronic components such as power transformers, loaded coils, choke and demagnetization coil that apply to 3C products, e.g. power supplies, computer monitors, broadband networks, telephone switching systems, mobile phone, PDA, and digital consumer electronics.

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