Intusoft Boosts its Customer-Marketing Program in Q1, 2005

Gardena, CA (January 13, 2005) -- Intusoft announced today expansion to its "Customer Marketing Program," which connects customers and the engineering community to the company's marketing and technology teams. In Q4, 2004, Intusoft announced its ICAP/4 8.x.11 software release for analog, mixed-signal and mixed-systems simulation, which has spawned heightened interactivity between the company and SPICE end users.

The unique customer marketing program comprises seven overall modalities: 1) Customer communication channel to marketing 2) Free custom modeling to the engineering community 3) Customer input stream to product requirement documents 4) End-user feedback survey 5) Software trial program 6) Competitive metrics for prospects 7) Technological outreach program.

Importantly, a direct email line to Intusoft's marketing director ( ) has been added to the company's web site. This enables direct communication from the engineering community and Intusoft's customer base, regarding things like product success, feature and operability suggestions, and software applicability to real-world design. Combined with a direct phone number, the communication channel forms a focal point for customers who wish immediate status on a support issue, or insight on future product development. It's also valuable for sales prospects who need in-depth information on Intusoft's ICAP/4 simulation product line, including competitive product comparisons. An updated features matrix from popular SPICE vendors can be accessed from Intusoft's home web page at: . Further, the customer-to-marketing channel advantageously routes suggestions regarding product features to Intusoft's design review committee for weighted implementation. Coupled with a personalized technical support channel, some customers have been moved enough by Intusoft's customer marketing program that they have enrolled as a reference account.

Intusoft's one-of-a-kind custom modeling program launched in 2004 and is free to the engineering community. Its success has surprised engineers who have requested complex parts they felt could not otherwise be modeled in SPICE. The list has grown by 226 new parts since the announcement of ICAP/4's 8.x.11 release. Further, Intusoft's outreach to the engineering community has grown to include several technology partners, some who OEM Intusoft's IsSpice4 technology. Sisoft was the latest OEM partner in 2004; SiSoft manufactures leading signal-integrity EDA tools. Other OEM partners include PADS and Mentor Graphics. ON Semiconductor, National Semiconductor ) are technology partners with Intusoft.

The company's "Peruse Before Purchase" program is formalized, enabling new prospects to sample the ICAP/4 tool suite in three ways. First, a free demo CD is available as a web download, or by disc. It's an extensive offering, including a "Magnetics Designer" option for the synthesis of inductive devices. Design size is limited to about 20 components from a collection of 1,500 sample parts, plus 30 switch-mode power supply schematic templates. For those committed to purchasing software, a free time-locked version of select ICAP/4 offerings is available at Intusoft's discretion, thus enabling the designer to test a full offering for 15-30 days before buying. Once purchased, a 30-day money back guarantee is available for all commercial ICAP/4 products. Lastly, Intusoft has combined forces with Fry's Electronics distribution to provide a low-cost schematic entry and simulation offering, "ICAP/4 Consumer." This is a Computer-Aided-Engineering first to the retail market and features the IsSpice4 kernel's full simulation power, plus more than 3,000 component models for $249. "Consumer" also provides a very low-cost inroad to ICAP/4's commercial offerings for only the difference in price to upgrade.

Tim Ghazaleh, Intusoft's Marketing Director commented, "The provisions in our updated customer marketing program enable us to capitalize on the high level of confidence we have in our technology and customer service. 'Peruse Before Purchase' furnishes ample opportunity to explore the power and ease of use in ICAP/4 before committing to a more substantiated buy."

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning EDA software to electronics industries worldwide. Its headquarters are in Gardena, California, including a worldwide network of distributors. Intusoft's products target a breadth of applications across all industrial, technological, military and consumer industries, by providing leading tools for analog and mixed-signal circuit design and automated test synthesis. The ICAP/4 tool suite is scalable, with all levels incorporating 4th-generation SPICE technology.

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