Intusoft Presents "DSP Designer" at PCIM Europe 2009

Carson, CA (May 7, 2009) -- Intusoft will be showcasing a new phase of its "DSP Designer" at the "PCIM Europe" convention and tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany, May 12 - 14, 2009. DSP Designer is a novel approach to developing digital control and digital signal processing (DSP) functions using Intusoft's ICAP/4 simulation tools.

A technical session at PCIM is being held on Thursday, May 14th and is titled, "AUTOMATING DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING, DSP, USING AUGMENTED SPICE SIMULATION." Here Intusoft will focus on the internals of a powerful firmware capability added to DSP Designer's debut from late last year. The new functionality automates the creation of assembly code, which is accessed from simulation results extracted from the "IsSpice4" simulator's matrix, and transferred through an integrated development system (IDS) to DSP memory. This capability circumvents an otherwise tedious and error-prone process of hand coding micro-code into the DSP.

With DSP Designer, digital control algorithms are visually simulated using special device models to create Z transformations and Bode plots for modeling digital control. The process ultimately produces corresponding DSP programming instructions via a firmware plug-in to the DSP.

Larry Meares, Intusoft's founder and president, summarized the groundbreaking capability for the technical session as: "the use of a new Z-Delay model coupled with a SPICE matrix solution to provide the core for automatic DSP code generation." The session will also show how a Kalman-filter plant model and increased software involvement can be implemented to reduce hardware cost.

A consultant to Intusoft, Herbert Mueller, will be displaying DSP Designer at the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE), hall 12, booth 357. Here, simulation results viewed as waveforms and Bode plots will show how the engineer can visually simulate DSP performance. Additionally, a special plug-in will import signals from a lab oscilloscope, to be viewed in ICAP/4's "IntuScope" waveform viewing tool alongside simulation waveforms. Other aspects of a DSP can also be simulated such as digital and analog signal conversions, sample/hold, filtering and load. Intusoft's ICAP/4 Windows Power Deluxe simulation package contains DSP Designer and it will be raffled off at the booth.

DSP Designer is included at no cost in many of Intusoft's scalable product offerings.

Corporate Background:

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning design automation SPICE simulation software to electronic industries worldwide. Its headquarters are in Carson, California, including a worldwide network of resellers. Intusoft's products focus on the design and simulation of analog and mixed signal board-level circuitry and ICs, across a breadth of applications for industrial, technological, military and consumer end use. Specialized capabilities include automated test synthesis; magnetic design and synthesis; as well as simulation and automated code-generation for digital signal processing.

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