New Power Supply Designer Software
Offers Forward, Flyback and Push-Pull Templates

San Pedro, California (USA), September 11, 2001 -- Intusoft will demonstrate its latest Power Supply Designer software in Booth 1328 at the Power Systems World Conference in Rosemont, Illinois this week. In use by power electronics product designers from all over the world, Power Supply Designer provides hyperaccurate, high-performance simulations and includes a model portfolio tailored to the industry's requirements.

Power Supply Designer is an integrated simulation software package which features Power Deluxe for schematic entry and circuit analysis; Magnetics Designer for layer or sector-wound transformer design and inductor synthesis; Library Manager to create library templates that place new models into test drawings; and a library of over 14,000 SPICE models, including specialized power models such as PWM ICs, IGBTs, power MOSFETs and transformers. Power Supply Designer is the only complete switching power supply design solution that provides component design, large-signal simulation, feedback control design, and small signal analysis in one easy-to-use package.

The latest 8.x.9 software version, introduced this month, offers three working power supply templates. "Templates provide designers with a schematic drawing what works for a given topology - essentially enabling them to start from a working power supply instead of completely from scratch," says Larry Meares, Intusoft President. Forward and Flyback templates convert 28 VDC to 5 VDC. One uses a transformer coupled Flyback topology and the other employs a transformer coupled Forward topology. The Push-Pull template converts 42 Volts to 12 Volts at 100 Amps .

Simulation Templates control netlist options and mark insertion points for simulation control directives. These templates are easily edited by the user to create custom report formats and even to modify the analysis based on the user's special needs. Extensions to optimization, what-if, and sneak circuit analysis are possible.

Originally introduced in May 1999, Power Supply Designer was been updated to improve power semiconductor model accuracy and incorporate the latest ICAP/4Windows features. A new waveform analyzer makes waveform manipulation easier and allows users to write their own scripts to take complex measurements and record and replay them in a single keystroke. The latest 8.x.9 ICAP/4 revision demonstrated at the show adds sweep, optimization and Monte Carlo simulation templates. The new ICAP/4 includes updated BSIM4 models and adds new scripts, including the ability to create your own scripts based on personal design needs.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning software tools for analog and mixed-signal circuit design, analysis and test automation to the electronics industries worldwide. For more information on Intusoft and its products, consult the company's web site at