New Windows-based SpiceMod and Library Manager
Demonstrated at PCIM Europe

San Pedro, CA (June 18, 2001) -- Intusoft (Hall 12, Stand 231) will demonstrate a new Windows-based version of its SpiceMod data sheet modeling program at the PCIM Europe conference in Nuremberg, Germany this week. The PCIM Europe expo takes place on June 19-21st in Nuremberg, Germany. SpiceMod is found in the latest Intusoft Power Supply Designer package, software for the toughest switching mode power supply designs.

SpiceMod is a simple program designed to help engineers produce accurate SPICE models for thousands of semiconductors. The program eliminates the need to learn the intricacies of SPICE model parameters and prevents laborious laboratory measurements.
With information from the manufacturer's data sheet and a set of test circuits included in the program, SpiceMod users can characterize and evaluate models, obtaining feedback on their accuracy. Circuits include diodes, zeners, BJTs, power BJTs, Darlington BJTs, JFETs, MOSFETs, Power MOSFETS, Sidacs and Sidactors, SCRs, GTOs, Triacs, and IGBTs.

The SpiceMod program incorporates a new Library Manager, which creates library templates that place new models into test drawings. The program combination is integrated into all new Test Designer, ICAP/4 Windows Professional and Power Supply Designer packages. It is also sold as a maintenance upgrade for current users of these programs.

Library Manager's test drawings contain scripts and provide data storage so users can view results and compare them with the SpiceMod data entry. A SpiceMod Software Development kit (SMSDK) is provided with the program, so that users can make their own models. Model tabs were added to SpiceMod so that a custom model DLL can be stored. An example Diac model is provided to guide users through the process. The SMSDK requires Visual C++ Version 6, Service Pack 4.

"Library Manager is significant because it allows a SpiceMod user to make, modify, store and compare revised models with archived model files," said Larry Meares, founder and president of Intusoft, San Pedro-based designer of circuit simulation and test software. "The program also allows you to create a test circuit for each model you develop and link it to that model. This gives the user incredible flexibility."

When user changes are made, the parameters and pins affected are shown, and the program automatically finds and consistently modifies each subcircuit throughout the model code. Users can easily document their model changes thanks to built-in help files in .RTF format.

In addition, SpiceMod has been converted from DOS to Windows, and its modeling accuracy has been improved. The SCR model now takes temperature as a parameter and allows you to see how temperature affects key parameters within a spreadsheet.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs develops and markets award-winning software applications and tools for analog and mixed-signal circuit design, analysis and test automation to electronics industries worldwide. Information on Intusoft and its products is available on the company's web site at


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