Intusoft's Test Designer Slashes Test Program Set Development Time

San Pedro, CA, September 19, 2000 -- Intusoft will highlight Test DesignerTM an unprecedented, simulation-based test synthesis program at Autotestcon 2000. Test Designer automates test simulation, fault analysis, and fault isolation, and generates detailed test strategy reports. With Test Designer, it is easy to pair different circuit configurations with various analyses to create "tests." Tests may detect one or more component failure modes or out-of-tolerance conditions. Measurements, such as peak-to-peak, maximum and rise time, can be assigned to each test, and tolerances are assigned to each measurement in order to grade the performance of each test and determine the pass/fail status. Test Designer runs the entire suits of tests without the need for any operator intervention and creates a test strategy report that summarizes the rest results. This powerful capability extends SPICE well beyond its current single simulation-oriented boundaries, and provides a framework for automatic test program software design.

Test Designer is a complete system and includes an integrated schematic entry tool, extensive model libraries, state-of-the-art SPICE3-based analog and mixed signal simulator, a graphical data post processor, access to SpiceFarm -- a bank of very fast computers that can be accessed over the Internet -- and a host of features that handle the test data analysis and reporting. Over 14,000 part models are provided and most include predefined failure modes.

Test Designer's powerful features allow you to:

Today's test engineers are wisely looking for ways to become more productive in their jobs. When Deep Creek Technologies of Arizona developed the test sequence for the propulsion controller circuit board used on the majority of the subway fleet on the New York City subway cars, they decided to try Test Designer. By using Test Designer, they were able to complete the task in 240 hours. This reduced the time needed to define diagnostic tests for analog controller cards from 6 months to just 6 weeks! A free copy of the complete New York City subway case study can be obtained from Intusoft by sending an email request to:

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