Intusoft Releases New Mechatronic SPICE Model Library

Dateline, April 1997-- Intusoft announced this month...

Intusoft has introduced a new SPICE model library for mechatronic devices including models for both mechanical and hydraulic elements. Key models such as motors, spark gaps, pumps and valves - which are necessary for the successful simulation of automotive and other physical systems, are represented in the library. The new Mechatronics Library enables designers to simulate mixed technology circuits which contain both non-electrical and electrical devices. The new library will be previewed at the 1997 Design Automation Confrence.

This is the first SPCIE 3 based library which contains a comprhensive set of models for mechanical, hydraulic, motor, and mixed-technology applications. The new library represents a major breakthrough for mechanical and system designers who need to simulate both non-electrical and electrical systems.

Previous models were based almost exclusively on proprietary HDL models and are almost impossible for the user to view, edit, understand, and modify. "Given IsSpice4's advanced behavioral modeling capabilities, coding of the new models in an AHDL is absolutly unnecessary", states Intusoft's VP of product development, Charles Hymowitz. Most models in the library are also created with multiple levels of complexity. This allows the engineer to select the appropriate model features of interest and thus control the simulation efficiency.

The models are compatible with Intusoft's native analog and mixed mode SPICE 3 based simulator, as well as existing ICAP/4 systmes for Windows 3.1x, 95, NT, Machintosh, and the Power Machintosh. More information about the models, including a complete listing of the devices and their paramaters, is available on the Intusoft's web site at the Models page.


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