Updated Magnetics Design Program Adds More Cores

Dateline, March 1997-- Intusoft announced this month...

Intusoft has updated its popular transformer and inductor design program, Magnetics Designer. The new version contains a greatly expanded core database with thousands of new core database with thousands of new cores and several new materials. The new materials include W and H from magnetics and PC44 from TDK, to name a few. A partial list of the new core geometries includes Toroid, EP, RS, and DS ferrites from Magnectics, and EPC, LP, and EER ferrites from TDK. The user also has the ability to define their own winding related calculations, such as, current density, power, thickness/build, losses, IR drop, and terminal voltage.

Magnetics Designer is a software program that designs and synthesizes all types of transformers and inductors. Typical design applications include high frequency switching regulator transformers and output chokes for off-line full-wave and forward converters; 60Hz single pase line transformers, AC inductors, planar magnetics, and 400Hz aircraft transformers. Virtually any single pase, layerwound, inductor or transformer, from 10 Hz to over 1 MHz, can be synthesized with Magnetics Designer. Magnetics Designer produces a complete transformer or inductor design based on electrical specifications including a winding sheet and a SPICE compatible model with parasitics. A variety of core families are represented from vendors like TDK, Magnetics, Philips, Thomson, Micrometals, and Ferrite International. The program predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, interwinding capacitance, peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance, copper loss (both AC and DC), core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill, and window fill percentage. The core database is extensible. You can easily add your own core and material information using a supplied Excel spreadsheet template.

More information and a demonstration version of Magnetics Designer is available at Demos & Downloads.


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