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Use your computer to build electronic designs and display their operation!

Looking to build electronic circuitry and watch its operation right on your computer? ICAP/4 Consumer is an easy to use program that does exactly that. ICAP/4 Consumer enables you to quickly construct any type of analog, digital or mixed analog-digital design, apply electrical stimulus, and view signal waveforms throughout the design.

ICAP/4 Consumer features "SpiceNet," a powerful design entry system that enables you to place almost any type of electronic component on your computer screen. Then, you simply wire the connections between components, apply electrical stimulus (i.e., battery, AC outlet voltage, digital signal), specify the type of design simulation you want, and push a button to simulate the circuit's operation. Simply point-and-click your mouse on any wire or component in the design and signal waveforms instantly appear in a versatile waveform viewing tool (IntuScope).

Component values can be tweaked, wires can quickly be rerouted, parts can be changed or added, then a new circuit simulation enables signal waveforms to be viewed again.

ICAP/4 Consumer is also a great educational tool. It teaches anyone interested in electronic design how to use today's leading design-simulation technology, as used in colleges and industry. Like today's popular home-computer applications, ICAP/4 Consumer is menu (and icon) driven, giving it a familiar look and feel. It's a robust program based on today's leading circuit-simulation technology created by Intusoft, who distributes their products around the globe.

IntuScope provides ultimate waveform viewing, scaling, math operations and 100+ waveform processing functions.

Probe any wire or device for waveforms on the schematic or
in the IntuScope waveform viewer. DC levels in blue.

ICAP/4 Consumer provides an integrated and easy-to-use design environment that enables you to:

  • Draw a complete schematic from a vast collection of analog, digital and systems-level components
  • Simulate a wide variety of circuits, useful for hobby, school, home, car, shop and work.
  • Perform fast simulation of circuit behavior and instantly view signal waveforms. Quickly modify your design and view waveforms again in three different modes.
  • Great for home alarm, car alarm, light display, doorbell, humidity monitor, power supply, lamp or fan dimmer, electromagnetic design, power converter, digital counter, amplifier, noise generator, digital signal control, volume control, signal filter and much more.
  • Sweep a component through a range of values, or even a semiconductor's temperature or design temperature. Quickly view signal waveform variation for each change.
  • Perform an extensive set of waveform calculator-like functions and view instant results (i.e., add two waveforms, subtract, multiply, divide, integrate, log, average value, frequency spectral analysis, filtering and much more)
  • Supports Windows 98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP. Must have 128M RAM free, 150M free on hard drive, and CD-ROM Drive for installation. Requires internet access to activate.
ICAP/4 Consumer makes available a vast collection of 3,300+ components such as resistor, capacitor, motor, lamp, fuse, thermistor, pressure sensor, photo/laser diode, switch, digital devices, fuse, transistor, battery, lamp, LED, transformer, rectifier, connector, crystal, DC converter, coax line, spring, multiplier, divider, operational amplifier, variable resistor, relay and more. Design size is limited to approximately 100 parts.
IntuScope enables signal plots to be customized with many different line styles, colors and text labels. Multiple cursors can be added and any two displayed at once. They also provide a wealth of numerical measurements on waveforms.

Please Note: If you require assistance other than installation with the ICAP/4 Consumer software, paid support is available at $40.00 per incident.