Design Validation

Design Validator is a powerful software feature included in ICAP/4Windows, ICAP/4 Professional, and Test Designer software. Simply put, Design Validator keeps track of multiple circuit configurations, analysis setups, and test measurements. It then runs an entire suite of tests automatically and creates a report that summarizes the results and pass-fail grades. This powerful capability extends SPICE well beyond its current single simulation oriented boundaries.

Design Validator runs all the simulations and processes all the results WITHOUT the need for any user interaction.

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Uses and Benefits

Automatically validate and evaluate circuit changes against design specifications

Easily simulate and verify multiple circuit configurations.

Provide a framework for automatic test set software design

Make automated measurements, under a variety of conditions, without manual interaction

Identify the components that are outside of their 'safe operating area'




Engineers are under pressure to achieve better quality designs which can be brought to market faster and at a lower manufacturing cost. The need to check the robustness of a design now extends beyond the verification of nominal system performance, into areas such as the impact of component tolerances and failures, yield, design changes, and manufacturing options.

Your job demands require that you make the best design within a given set of specifications, and that you respond faster to changes in requirements.

To support these tasks, it is essential for the simulation technology to be able to facilitate the production of tolerance and failure independent systems for which critical aspects of the design can be identified prior to prototyping.

Through wide-ranging and automatic testing, Intusoft's Design Validator* tool helps to ensure the robustness of a design and allows you to realize the substantial benefits that can arise out of early yield, failure, and traditional SPICE analysis. Design Validator enables any part of your system to be tested and verified under any condition, including out-of-space performance variations based on any design change or variation.

With Design Validator test strategies can be improved and debugged by enabling virtual production studies to be undertaken without the need to build a prototype or even wait until the design process has been completed. Design Validator is a vast improvement over manual analysis, and dramatically reduces the time-consuming evaluation of large volumes of data.

Design Validator Keyword Definitions

What is a Schematic Layer? - A single slice of a schematic drawing. Any portion of a design, or an entire design, can be placed on any layer.

What is A Circuit Configuration? - A set of layers which are combined and flattened to define a unique circuit design.

What is A Simulation Setup?- One or more SPICE analyses (AC, Tran, etc.) which are grouped together and run at the same time.

What is a Test? - A Circuit Configuration combined with a Simulation Setup.

What is a Measurement? - Scalar value recorded from one or more simulation waveforms (i.e. maximum, RMS, rise time, etc.) during a test.

What is a Fault? - A hard fault (short, open, or stuck node) or any out-of-tolerance condition (value and/or model parameter deviation)


Report with pass/fail indicator shows you instantly how far your measurement is out-of-tolerance

User-defined pass/fail limits may be asymmetrical; tolerances can be in absolute terms or percent

Freely define different test configurations and scenarios

Automatically perform a variety of measurements on each test configuration

Quick edit allows you to make circuit changes and resimulate to see the results


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