Designed Specifically for Power Supply Designers

Power Supply Designer integrates Intusoft’s schematic technology for design creation and graphical waveform analysis, with the proven IsSpice4 analog and mixed-signal simulator, and the powerful Magnetics Designer transformer and inductor synthesis tool.

Power Supply Designer is the only complete switching power supply design solution that provides component design, large-signal simulation, feedback control design, and small signal analysis in one easy-to-use package. It includes full-featured graphical entry, magnetic synthesis, circuit analysis, and simulation modules.

You can perform high-speed cycle-by-cycle simulation to show true large-signal performance, simulate current-mode control using the latest accurate modeling techniques, run CCM and DCM converter simulations, analyze control systems including loop gain, input filter design and analysis, and measure power stage loss and stress analysis for all major components. Power Supply Designer helps you simulate your entire power system!

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Reasons You Need Power Supply Designer

  • The Power Design Challenge
  • The New Power Solution
  • High Accuracy Models for Key Power Components
  • Top-Down Design
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