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Analog Devices Op-amps, Precision Instrumentation Amps, Analog Switches, Multipler/Divider, Buffer Amplifier, Balanced Modulator/Demodulator, Voltage References, NPN/PNP Models
Analog and RF Models Simulation and modeling services for RF and microwave devices and circuits.
Apex Microtechnology Power Op-amps
Christophe Basso Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Simulation Cookbook
Coilcraft, Inc. S-parameter and PSPICE model files.
Duncan Amps Vacuum Tubes
Fairchild Semiconductors Power Mosfets, JFETs, BJTs, Diodes
Infineon Technologies AG Mosfets, Diodes, IGBTs, MOVs, Inductors
International Rectifier Power Mosfets, Rectifiers, IGBTs, Hexfreds, Schottky diodes
Kemet Home Page Solid tantalum, multi-layer ceramic and aluminum organic capacitor manufacturer.
Linear Technology Op-amps, Instrumentation Amps
Maxim Op-amps
National Semiconductor Amplifier Products, CMOS and Low Frequency Bipolar Devices, High Speed Devices (CLC, LM, LMH)
ON Semiconductor Analog, Logic and Discrete parts
Philips Logics, Discretes, Analog, Standard Microcontrollers
Polyfet RF Power Mosfets
Protek Transient Voltage Suppressors
SMPS Power Supplies Design ideas and technical information for the Power Supply Designer.
SMPS Technology Find solutions to the most difficult problems facing you as a power supply designer
Supertex MOSFETs
STMicroelectronics Op-amps, timers
TI Op-amps, Comparators, Voltage References, includes former Burr-Brown Op-amps, Precision Instrumentation Amps, Buffers, Isolation Amps, Video Mux, Switched Input Integrator, Photodiode w/amplifier, Voltage controlled amplifiers
Tyco Electronics (formerly Amp) Connector modeling information
Vishay Power MOSFETS
Zetex BJTs, Power BJTs, Darlington BJTs, Diodes, Power Mosfets