Advantages of DSP Designer

Increased Reliability
Coding errors are eliminated by visually simulating the DSP's digital control algorithms and viewing corresponding waveforms.  "Hidden" variables normally latent in DSP coding of transfer function analysis are exposed in DSP Designer using familiar SPICE AC, OP and TRAN analysis, using test code in the DSP, and viewing waveforms via automated communication between the DSP and IntuScope.

Saved Time
A visual design approach using IsSpice4 simulation saves time and tedious error-prone programming of assembly instructions. Soon DSP Designer's automated programming of the DSP's CPU from IsSpice4 will save even more time.

Reduced Parts
Parts can be reduced by building their function into the digital control process; for example, using a DSP plant model to obtain switched inductor current without sensing current directly. 

Improved Time to Market
The above advantages ultimately equate to faster market entry and higher product reliability.

Turnkey Simulation Tool Suite
DSP Designer is but part of today's most advanced and easy to use analog, mixed-signal, and mixed systems simulation toolset, including magnetic design and synthesis software and test synthesis software in select packages. Intusoft's scalable ICAP/4 software offerings and Test Designer are beneficial for any type of design simulation, verification, test and documentation.