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ICAP Version 8.x.11 Build 2641

Windows 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP Compatible!

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Web Download Option:

If you have current maintenance, you can also obtain this update via the web. Simply go to http://www.intusoft.com/support.htm and enter your serial number to obtain this update. Your serial number is on the “Installation Letter” that came with your initial purchase. You can also find your serial number from the Help pulldown, “About SpiceNet,” then the “User Tab” dialog within the Schematic program. (Note that the ICAP/4Students and Consumer packages do not offer maintenance.) Should you have any questions about the status of your maintenance program, please contact Intusoft at (310) 329-3295.

New Features and Enhancements
http://www.intusoft.com/featurechanges.htm for a more detailed list.

Enhanced Schematic OP Label: Current and power OP labels can now be displayed on the schematic. "V", "A", or "W" unit suffixes will be shown. The number of significant digits displayed for all OP labels can be specified. OP labels can be repositioned and will retain their position when refreshed. A “tool tip” will appear when you place the mouse over an OP label, identifying its source (i.e., v(1) or i(r1) or p(r1).

Crossprobe testpoint: Crossprobing testpoints for DC and OP analysis is now possible. When crossprobing, all parts or nodes in close proximity will be probed; i.e., if a testpoint is behind another object, it will also be probed.

Mouse Wheel Zoom: The <CTRL> key + mouse wheel in SpiceNet can be used to zoom in and out about the blinking insertion box. This is in 10% increments for each mouse wheel click.

Centering of Insertion Point after Zoom: The insertion point defaults to the center of the main schematic window after re-sizing and centering.

.PAR file: This file is generated to confirm that correct values are passed for every instance of a subcircuit. The file consists of two sections. In the first, all parameters defined in the top level of the design, plus all default parameters defined in every subckt in the design, are listed with their values. In the second section, all passed parameters to every instance of every subckt in the design are listed along with the computed values of the parameters.

Modified BOM: Bill of Material parts are now sorted numerically by their RefDes. If the coordinate border is displayed on the schematic, the drawing zone of each part is displayed in an additional column.

Graphically Place Parts: A dialog-box driven Parts Bin Window has been added so you can drag and drop preferred parts onto the schematic. Several custom bins can be created by the user.

Updated Convergence Wizard: The convergence wizard has been enhanced to automatically take advantage of Intusoft’s unique simulator convergence options such as vsectol, icstep, and autotol.

Sweep .Model Parameters: The sweep simulation template now supports all .model parameters, however you cannot simultaneously sweep two .model parameters belonging to the same part.

Renumber pages: SpiceNet’s Pages dialog enables renumbering of pages in a way to avoid a situation such as a schematic containing only two pages numbered 1 and 3 (i.e., because Page 2 has been deleted).. The optional toolbar drop-down page list displays "Page <n> of <m>", where <m> is the highest available page number.

SpiceNet “Alter” enhanced: Alter-created waveform vectors from IsSpice4's data set are now removed from the design node list inside the Alter dialog box. Also, the initial value of the altered component is restored when the Alter dialog is closed. When Alter launches IntuScope, it will automatically be moved to the background.

The RefDes of the modified component is contained in the names of the corresponding waveform vectors created by Alter. (e.g., "vout_r1_1p00k", rather than "vout_1p00k").

No Derivative Sources: Voltage and current source devices have been enhanced to support expressions without taking derivatives. This means the value of the source is calculated at each simulation iteration, using just the previous state of the simulator. In the DC field, an expression is initiated with V= or I= to enable this feature.

New Error Message: A new warning alerts if an invalid command has been entered in a B-element expression or IsSpice4’s Script window.

IsSpice4 Hotkey: You can now use <ctrl>+R to run scripts in IsSpice4.

IntuScope Synch with IsSpice4: IntuScope is automatically updated with new simulation data after the user modifies a value in IsSpice4 simulation control stimulus, or expression dialog, and a new simulation is run.

Ensure ICAPS closes properly: A new icon has been placed in the Systray when ICAP/4 is running. This enables the user to assuredly close ICAPS, IsSpice4 and SpiceNet, all advisable following any unexpected problem with the software.

Plot to Same Plot: Multiple traces with the same non-default x axes can be plotted to the same plot. Previously, all non-default x-axis plots would be plotted to separate plots.

Sort Trace List: The trace list for each plot is now sorted with active trace always first in order. Y-axis legends are drawn in trace order with the first trace on the right.

“Setautoscale” ICL Command: This command sets the auto-scale mode for the duration of the script. After completion of the script, the mode reverts to the one set in the Add Waveforms dialog.

Log Scale support: The user can nudge up, nudge down, pan left, and pan right log-scale waveforms in IntuScope. Entering fractional log cycles in the Scaling dialog is now not acted upon by IntuScope.

Powerful New Models: The BSIM model has been updated to version 4.4.0. A “PowerMOS” model type has been added to SpiceMod. 434 more models have been added to Intusoft’s complete part library.

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