Power Supply Designer Now Packs a Powerful Punch!

    San Pedro, CA (September 1, 1999) — Intusoft announced today that with the release of Magnetics Designer, version 4.1.0, Power Supply Designer is now better than ever. Designed specifically for power supply designers, Power Supply Designer not only meets the needs of power electronics designers for accurate, high-performance simulation, but also includes a selected model portfolio specific to their industry requirements.

Power Supply Designer is the only complete switching power supply design solution that provides component design, large-signal simulation, feedback control design, and small signal analysis in one easy-to-use package. It includes full-featured graphical entry, magnetic synthesis, circuit analysis, and simulation modules.

What’s Included in Power Supply Designer
Power Supply Designer features the latest versions of ICAP/4 Windows, Magnetics Designer, and the popular Power Designer Library. At the heart of Power Supply Designer is ICAP/4 Windows, the industry’s best SPICE simulation package for analog and mixed-signal circuit design. ICAP/4 Windows includes:

Magnetics Designer is a software program that designs and synthesizes all types of transformers and inductors. The latest release, version 4.1.0, provides the user with the ability to handle sector-winding configurations for high voltage designs and a new “Bobbin tab,” which allows the user to see a picture of the core and winding structure. We’ve also included new field solution algorithms, which produce magnetic field maps that describe the magnetic field in the winding stack.

Along with these two powerful software packages, we’ve also included SPICE Model Library, which incorporates many hyperaccurate cycle-by-cycle PWM and transformer simulation models for power electronic designs. The SPICE Model library, specifically designed for power supply designers, includes PWM ICs, power MOSFET drivers, transformers, magnetic cores, and more. It allows the user to evaluate how different types of components will perform before they select a specific part. Also included in the Power Supply Designer package are many higher-level templates such as Laplace transforms and mathematical building blocks that can help them perform stability analysis or construct new models.

The list price of Power Supply Designer is $5,957.00 ($575.00 less than what you would pay for the individual programs included in this package). It requires Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. One year of product maintenance is included in the purchase price.

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