Intusoft Releases Second Generation SMPS Evaluation Board for DSP Designer

San Pedro, CA (January 27, 2011) --

Intusoft announced today the release of its Solar2TiM Dual Buck-Boost, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) evaluation board used for evaluating DSP simulation and design. The board is used as part of the "DSP Designer" software and firmware option with Intusoft's ICAP/4 analog and mixed-signal simulation tool suite.

DSP Designer is an advanced integrated development system that translates the world of simulation from analog to digital, for digital signal processing (DSP), and provides real-time hardware equivalents to SPICE simulation AC, DC and Transient analysis results. The new Solar2TiM board provides enhanced operation over its Solar1 predecessor, and works with direct plug in to Texas Instruments and Microchip DSP evaluation systems.

Solar2TiM with Ti's Piccolo development system Solar2TiM with Microchip's development system with 16-bit by 28-Pin Starter and dsPIC33 DSP

Solar2TiM is set up for a 12-volt DC output at a current rating of up to 6 amps, with input ranging from 20 - 60 volts. Running as a solar-panel battery charger from two 205-watt panels, Solar2's input can connect to a 48-volt battery, with its output at 10 volts. The configuration is connected to the low side of the solar panel where it supplies 5.2 Amps. Larry Meares, designer of the new board and president of Intusoft stated, "The battery charger efficiency is designed to be greater than 97%, combined with the Solar2's improved power handling and 30% reduction in size." Using a 48-volt system allows compliance with the US national electric code standard for low voltage devices. This eliminates the requirement for fencing ground installations. Further, the board's lower test voltages form a good fit with available low-cost bench power supplies.

Both input and output voltages for Soar2TiM can go as high as 60 VDC with an input current up to 2 amps, and output current up to 6 amps. EMI filtering complies with the CISPR16 EU specification for solar panel noise. Extra test circuitry is provided with Intusoft's DSP Designer software to test for solar insolence (sunlight), so that the charger can be programmed to automatically power down when it is dark. Intusoft provides a test circuit schematic, parts list and equipment requirements for a solar panel simulation at .

Meares plans on providing schematic and layouts for a grid tie system for US 110/220 volt, 60 Hz. AC specification. He also claims it is safe to predict solar panel prices will drop below $1 per watt in the near future. This means that the cost of supporting entities such as electronics, maintenance, mounting structure, fencing, and permit, will be critical for future designs. DSP hardware kits and Getting Started guides for Texas Instruments and Microchip, and the Solar2TiM evaluation board ship with DSP Designer, all for $1,320 US. Solar tracking using the Solar2TiM board and DSP Designer is found at:

Corporate Background

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning design automation SPICE simulation software to electronic industries worldwide. Its headquarters are in San Pedro, California, including a worldwide network of resellers. Intusoft's products focus on the design and simulation of analog and mixed signal board-level circuitry and ICs, across a breadth of applications for industrial, technological, military and consumer end use. Specialized capabilities include automated test synthesis; magnetic design and synthesis; as well as simulation and firmware capability for DSP simulation.
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