Viewlogic to OEM Intusoft's Analog/Mixed-Signal Technology

Dateline -- Marlboro, MA - May 16, 1997-- Intusoft and Viewlogic announced today ...

Viewlogic Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW) today introduced ViewAnalog, an analog and mixed-signal simulator developed by Intusoft Inc. The simulator will be available as part of Viewlogic's Workveiw OFfice Version 7.4 suite of Windows-based EDA tools. ViewAnalog, which targets the design and development of analog and mixed-signal ciruits, is tightly integrated with Viewlogic's ViewDraw schematic capture tool.

"After reviewing their technology for analysis of analog designs, Viewlogic selected Intusoft for the ViewAnalog product," said Dave Orecchio, Director of Marketing for Viewlogic's Systems Group. "The technical expertise of Intusoft, coupled with customer demand for strong technology in ViewAnalog, convinced us that a strategic relationship and OEM agreement with Intusoft would benefit the broad range of both computer companies."

"We are excited about this new agreement," said Charles Hymowitz, Vice President of Intusoft. "With Viewlogic, we can reach a whole new market with our state-of-the-art software. Both Viewlogic and Intusoft are using ActiveX technology to create a previously unavailable level of integration. Viewlogic customers will now have the easiest to use, most sophisticated analog/mixed-signal simulation environment."

In addition to its native analog and gate-level digital simulation capabilities, ViewAnalog includes support for BSIM3v3 and SOI MOSFET models. The tool also supports SPICE libraries with over 10,000 analog and digital parts, as well as, C-code subroutine modeling, RF device models and uiqure power supply designer's libraries.

The interactive operation of ViewAnalog frees the user from traditional batch-style SPICE analysis. In addtition, SPICE part browsing and model editing allows easy design entry along with interactive cross-probing of the schematic. High-performance algorithms provide very fast simulation and improved convergence for difficult circuits. ViewAnalog's advanced features include : behavioral modeling, sweeping of any circuit variable; native mixed mode and gate-level, 12-state timing simulation; interactive waveform cross-probing, automatic curve-family generations, and real-time display of voltages, currents andpower dissipation. ViewAnalog can analyze switch-mode power supplies, mixed-signal ASICS, RF communication systems, interconnects, control systems, and mixed electrical/mechanical systems. The tool is based on U.C. Berkeley SPICE3 and the Georgia Institue of Technology's XSPICE.

The price for ViewAnalog (Windows) is $5,500 for a node-locked version and $7,500 for a floating license. It is scheduled to be available June 1997.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designss, develops and markets analog and mixed-signal circuit design and synthesis software worldwide. Intusoft offers users a complete line of simulation solutions for the Windows, Windows95, WindowsNT, DOS, NEC, ALPHA, and Macintosh platforms. For more company information, the Internet homepage address for Intusoft is :

Viewlogic Systems, Inc. is a world wide supplier of electronic design automation software. The company's design tools enable electrical engineers to design state-of-the-art electronic products more efficiently, while reducing both development costs and time to market. The company offers software for both UNIX- and Windos-based platforms, along with a broad range of support services. Viewlogic is the first computer aided engineering (CAE) software company in the world to achieve registration to ISO 9001/TickIT, the most comprehensive of the ISO quality standards. For more company information, the Internet home page address for Viewlogic is :

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