Updated Test Designer/ICAP 4 v8.5 Release: Analog and Mixed-Signal Test Market

San Pedro, CA, May 1998-- Intusoft has released an upgrade to its ground-breaking new simulation based test synthesis product called Test Designer™. Test Designer automates test program development for analog and mixed-signal systems, circuits, and ICs. It synthesizes product acceptance, fault isolation, and fault diagnostic test sequences. It generates detailed fault trees, test strategy reports using ATE independent code, and failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) data. It automates the most time consuming test program developement tasks and performs automated failure analysis and reporting, including a fault coverage percentage for any analog or mixed-signal circuit. Test Designer is a vast improvement over current manual test development practices. It provides a structured, accurate, and efficient framework which dramatically reduces the time consuming process of test software development.

New Features include access to a SpiceFarm™. The SpiceFarm is a bank of top-of-the-line computers that can be accessed over the Internet. Test Designer requires the user to simulate each and every failure mode in the circuit. This may necessitate a large number of simulations. In addition, Monte Carlo simulations are often performed to set test tolerances. The SpiceFarm can be used to dramatically cut down the simulation times by running the simulation in parallel. The interface is completely transparent to the user and can be set up for intranet or internet usage. The data exchanged between the SpiceFarm and Test Designer is encrypted and compressed in order to insure security and data integrity.

Web based help is now available directly from within the schematic capture tool. Users can access a new Help menu item, Intusoft on the Web, which provides access to technical support and the Intusoft home page. The Help menu is expandable; users can add their own web links to the menu.

Test Designer is a complete system and includes an integrated schematic entry tool, extensive model libraries, state-of-the-art SPICE3 based analog and mixed signal simulator, a graphical data post processor, and a host of features that handle the test data analysis and reporting. Over 13,00 part models are provided and most include predefined failure modes. For example, all passive and active components use the US Navy CASS "standard" for the default failure modes. Test Designer requires Windows 95 or Windows NT, and product maintenance is 15% of the purchase price. Please contact your local Intusoft dealer for a price quote.


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