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Test Designer Technical Articles - (.pdf Files)

Autotest.pdf - "Application of Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Techniques to the Synthesis and Sequencing of Diagnostic Tests."
TestApp.pdf - "A Typical Test Designer Scenario"
PCIM97.pdf - "New Techniques for Fault Diagnosis and Isolation of Switched Mode Power Supplies."
ITC98.pdf - "New Techniques for Failure Analysis and Test Program Design"
IEEE98.pdf - "Automating Analog Test Design"
Limits.pdf - "Pass/Fail Limits -The Key To Effective Diagnostic Tests"
CaseStudy.pdf - "Simulation-Based Test Program Synthesis Tool Reduces Analog Test Definition Time From 6 Months to 6 Weeks". A case study involving analog boards used in     subway cars. Done for the New York City MTA (Mass Transit Association).

Intusoft Technical Articles - (.pdf Files)

AHDL Topics

New AHDL Language For SPICE - Technical paper on a new publicly available AHDL being supported by Intusoft. (PDF file)
OLE2 Gets Together With SPICE - Technical paper entitled "HDLs for Speech Processing", presented at the 1995 Analog and Mixed Signal. Includes details on new HDL language extensions and uses.
SPICE As An AHDL - Technical paper comparing SPICE to currently available AHDLs. (PDF file)
XSPICE Information - Details on the XSPICE product from the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Power Supply and Power Devices Topics

CmcTut.pdf - Tutorial introduction to simulating current mode power stages
DCDC.pdf - Modeling Board Level DC-DC Converters in SPICE
Flyback.pdf - Average simulations of FLYBACK converters with Spice 3
Forwapp.pdf - A 50W forward converter design using Magnetics Designer and IsSpice
IGBT.pdf - Technical paper describing the operation of the IGBT subcircuit
Inductor.pdf - Modeling Non-Ideal Inductors in SPICE
PwmTut.pdf - Write your own generic SPICE Power Supplies controller models
Satcore.pdf - Paper on modeling Magnetics (saturable cores, transformers, etc.)
Smpsctrl.pdf - Keep your Switch Mode Supply stable with a Critical-Mode Controller

RF Topics

ClassC.Pdf - Simulating Class C RF Amplifiers
RFOsc.Pdf - New Models (RF Beads) Simulate RF Oscillators

Other Modeling and Simulation Related Topics

Converg.pdf - Solving SPICE convergence problems
CapMot4.pdf - New SPICE features aid motor simulation
RelayCD4.pdf - Simulating an Electromechanical Relay
MathCad.pdf - Paper on using MathCAD and IntuScope for Data Analysis
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