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Test Designer - Part 1 Real Audio Presentation
This Real Audio presentation contains the audio and PowerPoint slides for the Test Designer Seminar. See the Agenda for more information on exactly what the presentation covers.
PowerPoint Presentation Slides
This presentation, used at DesignCon 2002 and Design Automation Conference 2002, describes some of the new challenges facing design engineers today. It examines how integrated design and test can eliminate labor-intensive failure analysis.
Test Designer Introductory Movie Short Version (w/player embedded 1.2Meg)
Test Designer Movie #2 Product Benefits and Features (w/player embedded 5.7Meg)
Test Designer Movie #3 Example session (10 Meg)
Technical Articles
Technical Article #1 "Application of Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Techniques to the Synthesis and Sequencing of Diagnostic Tests," presented at AutoTestCon.
Technical Article #2 "A Typical Test Designer Scenario"
Technical Article #3 "New Techniques for Fault Diagnosis and Isolation of Switched Mode Power Supplies," presented at PowerSystems World.
Technical Article #4 "New Techniques for Failure Analysis and Test Program Design"
Technical Article #5 "Automating Analog Test Design"
Technical Article #6 "Pass/Fail Limits -The Key To Effective Diagnostic Tests"
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