New Product Releases - 8.x.6: ICAP/4Rx | ICAP/4Windows | ICAP/4 Professional

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Why Buy Now?
The new release of ICAP/4 8.x.6 represents another milestone in Intusoft's constant drive to create the most powerful analog and mixed-signal simulation toolset on the market.

While other SPICE vendors can barely keep up with the latest Berkeley releases Intusoft is on the forefront of analog simulation technology bringing you revolutionary features and capabilities.

By marrying the latest software development techniques with innovative simulation methods, Intusoft helps you do more than expensive Unix solutions while charging less than most other competing PC solutions.

The feature additions in the version 8.x.6, in particular, the design validation, automated measurements and Simulation Templates, put ICAP/4Windows in a class by itself.

No other SPICE tool has this feature set at any price.

The benefits for Intusoft users are clear and compelling. ICAP/4 sets the industry standard for accurate, easy-to-use, and feature rich SPICE software with State-of-the-art technology at a price affordable by ANY budget.

So isn't it past time you took advantage of Intusoft?

ICAP/4 Version 8.x.6
Version 8.x.6 includes several major feature additions. ICAP/4Windows gets new RSS, EVA (Extreme Value), Worst Case, and Sensitivity analyses. In addition the powerful Design Validation and automated measurements feature (Design Validator) has been added. ICAP/4Rx has added new mixed-signal simulation capabilities and digital models. The Design Validator product is now sold as ICAP/4 Professional and includes the automatic simulation and data presentation of all failure modes; a feature formerly limited to Test Designer. The program updates are summarized below.

New Simulation Technology

Simulation Templates - Simulation scripts using IsSpice4's ICL language. This scripting capability lets you take full control of SPICE and run complex analyses like never before.

Automated Measurements - Now you can automate the most time consuming simulation task, data analysis. The Measurement Wizard lets define and execute complex sets of measurements easily and quickly. Its never been easier to compare the results of different simulations.

Design Validation - "Validator" gives you the ability to run multiple simulations using multiple circuit topologies and gather measurement results to compare against a golden set of data (test limits). Finally, you can take full advantage of SPICE's parametric simulation capability.

Scripted Monte Carlo and Stress Alarms - Statistical yield and stress analysis has never been easier to set up and run. These features empower SPICE to help you produce better and more robust designs.

Version 8.x.6 Feature Highlights


  • Mixed-Signal Simulation - ICAP/4Rx now includes a 12 state logic simulator allowing it to simulate full mixed analog-digital circuits
  • More Digital Models - Version 8.x.6 adds over 500 digital parts including over 50 new primitive digital elements like flip-flops and a state machine
  • More Analog SPICE Models - Over 1,000 more models are included, bringing the total to over 5,000 parts


  • Simulation Templates - Powerful analyses driven by ICL scripts
  • RSS, EVA, and Worst Case Analyses
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Transient, AC, and DC Analyses
  • Design Validation and Automated Measurements
  • Automatic Stress Alarms
  • Scripted Monte Carlo - A new easy way to run a statistical yield analysis
  • More SPICE Models - Total now over 14,000 (with Deluxe Option)

ICAP/4 Professional (previously called Design Validator)

  • Automated Fault Analysis - This feature lets you simulate all failure modes in your design and record any set of measurements. All Automatically. This is a huge time savings over manual fault analysis.
  • All New and Existing ICAP/4Windows features
  • RF and Power Deluxe Options Plus SALT

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