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Macintosh platform
competitive discount NL42
new NL14
simulation using NL19
Mac User Feeling Abandoned? NL41
Bifilar windings NL61, pg. 14,15
Buttons in Magnetic Designer NL61, pg. 5-7
Flyback Transformer NL54, pg. 6-11
Magnetics Designer NL45, pg. 10 NL46, pg. 1-7 NL47, pg. 15 NL49, pg. 15-17 NL55, pg. 1 NL56, pg. 15
  Calculate Wire Length NL78          
4.1.0 update information NL56
50kHz Flyback Transformer design NL54
FEA features in version 4.1.0 NL56
Flyback Tab NL64
how models are generated NL46
makes EDN's Top 100 NL48
Non-linear Cores NL42, pg. 1-3
Non-linear Inductors NL42, pg. 3-4 NL77 & NL77
Royer Oscillator NL42, pg. 6
Using Magnetics Designer Buttons NL61
MATLAB NL60, pg.14
Maxim Op- amp and comparitors NL42, pg. 13
MC4344 Digital phase comparitor NL28, pg. 8
Mechanical Systems NL13, pg. 9-10
Mechanical models for PSPICE© and IsSpice4 NL51
Mechatronics NL46, pg. 11-14
Current, pg. velocity position controller NL51, pg. 7 NL56, pg.11-14
Hydraulic Library NL59, pg. 13-14
Library Models NL51, pg. 7
Relay NL49, pg. 10-14
Syncro NL46, pg. 13
Mechatronics Hydraulic Library NL59
Microsim Makes False Claims NL43
Microstrip circuit NL23, pg. 8 NL30, pg. 4
Midi synthesizer, simulating NL39
MIL-STD-462 NL63, pg. 3
“Mixed-Environment” Simulations NL41
Mixed Mode NL28, pg. 1,8-10
Analog Code Models NL39, pg. 1
CMSDK NL40, pg. 12 NL41, pg. 8
Digital Code Models NL39, pg. 1
MIDI Synthesizer NL39, pg. 7,9
Native NL39, pg. 6
SALT NL44, pg. 1 NL45, pg. 1 NL47, pg. 1
State Machine NL40, pg. 7,8
Mixed-Signal Testing, Test Designer features NL51
Mixer, double balanced NL 32, pg. 12
Model Listing NL17
D-G Mosfet NL22
fuse NL21
VCXO circuit NL16
Modeling NL17
  amplifiers with limits NL73          
analog behavioral NL19 NL20
bifilar windings NL61
capacitor NL44
  comparators NL73          
connectors NL37
crystals NL16
Dual-Gate Mosfets NL22
electric motor NL19
exponential functions NL10
fuse NL21
gears NL19
gunn diodes NL52
IC drivers NL56
large signal state-average NL59
lasers NL14
  lithium-ion batteries NL78          
mechatronics NL46
mixed mode: digital pots NL48
  New Modeling Service NL74          
motors and motion control systems NL56
non-linear magnetics NL42
op-amps PSpice©; Parts™ vs Intusoft NL56
passive element using SPICE NL55
  PFCs NL74          
photodiodes NL34
platinum resistor thermal sensor NL24
  Poly Crystalline Solar Panel NL78          
QW-Laser Using Rate Equations NL50
relays NL49
RF bead NL23
RF circuit NL23
  construction of saturable core models NL77          
sensors NL33
sidactor NL51
soft recovery NL32
  solar cells NL78          
spark gap NL50
tantulum capacitor NL45
thermal Effects NL10
thermal modeling of semiconductors NL11
thermistor NL10
transimpedance op-amps NL15
transmission line NL06
triac NL45
tungsten lamp NL11
vacuum tubes NL34 NL35
varactor diodes NL16
Modeling Corner NL24 NL25 NL26 NL28 NL29 NL30
NL31 NL38 NL39 NL40 NL42 NL43
Modeling Tips Constant power loads NL71         NL30
ADHL Switch NL47
Amp NL37
analog behavioral NL19
buck regulator NL18
Berg NL37
Burndy NL65
Ceramic Capacitor model NL65
current feedback
division NL09
Divide by zero NL64
IBIS models from Intel NL30


added to SpiceMod 2 NL25 NL34 NL38
MIS capacitor NL27
Mylar Dielectric Circuit NL65
lumped L-C for Interconnects NL06
Op-Amp NL06
opto NL47
PCB effects simulation NL31
  PwmPrimitive library NL74          
PWM Switching; improving convergence NL59
pentode NL35
phase locked loop NL09
RF transistors NL19
rotational device NL20
Sample and Hold Circuit NL65
SCR added to SpiceMod 2 NL23
Sideactor Modeling NL51
  The Solar Cell SPICE Model NL78          
Spice model for a vacuum triode NL12
TI Bus Interface NL39
switch NL29
unified SOI MOSFET NL47
vacuum triode NL9 NL12 NL34
Monte Carlo
NL5, pg. 10 NL12, pg. 6-7 NL62, pg.9-14 NL79
MOSFET BSIM3 NL46, pg. 8-9
EKV NL64, pg. 12
SOI NL47, pg. 9 NL49, pg. 8-9
MOS Power Transistor Gate Capacitance in Spice2 NL3, pg. 7
TMOS NL 31, pg. 12
Motion Control
Behavioral Servo NL 19, pg. 10 NL20, pg. 8 NL38, pg. 3
Bode Plot NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 3,4 NL63, pg. 4
Current, pg. velocity position controller NL51, pg. 7 NL56, pg. 11 thru 14
Emitter follower NL1, pg. 1 NL57, pg. 1 thru 5
High Voltage Booster Amp NL58, pg. 11,12
Intrinsic feedback NL57, pg. 1
Rotational Systems NL19, pg. 6 NL20, pg. 7-9
Switch Mode Power Supply NL57, pg. 6-10
System NL5, pg. 4
System with Noise NL20, pg. 9
Units for mechanical systems NL19, pg. 6
MOV NL44, pg. 6-7
Multidec NL 30, pg. 3
Mylar Dielectric Circuit NL65
MPPT Implementation   NL78          
Native mixed-mode simulation in ICAP/4 Windows NL39
New Features For Summer 2004 Release NL73          
Newsletter Goes HTML NL59
Newsletter Subscription information NL24


now available NL23
Neural Networks NL13, pgs. 1-7 NL14, pg. 2
Perceptron  NL12, pg. 3
Cell NL13, pg. 6
Axon NL13, pg. 6
Weighting NL12, pg. 3-4
Layers NL13, pg. 5
 Training  NL14, pg. 3-5
Neural Network Development Using Spice NL13
Network Filters, Switched Capacitor NL17
New Spice Convergence Aid   NL69          
Non-linear inductors, simulating NL42
Non-linear magnetics, modeling NL42
Notch Filter NL65
Nulling Techniques Aid Circuit Analysis   NL69          
Numerical Convergence in IsSpice NL60
Obtaining Spice Models NL14
OLE2 SPICE links to hardware NL45
Generic BIPOLAR Model NL01, pgs 1, 2 NL05, pg 4 NL56, pgs. 8-9
Generic FET NL05, pg. 4
High Voltage NL58, pgs. 11,12
Instrumentation NL37, pg.12
Power NL 28, pg.12
Transducer NL37, pg.11
Transimpedance NL15, pgs. 2 - 10
Op-amp Models
Burr Brown NL37
comparing NL56
Maxim NL37
Pspice©; Parts™ vs Intusoft NL56
Power Op-amps from Apex NL28
Operating Point Labels   NL79          
OPTIONS (Spice2, Obsolete)
.NL4, pg. 9
Spice Options for Operating Point Control NL72          
Optimizer application
Optimizer NL63, pg. 13-14
Optimizer Objective Function NL7, pg. 8
Optimizing SPICE Models NL37
Dual NL38, pg.12
LOC110 NL38, pg.12
HCR200 NL47, pg.14-15
SCR NL25, pg.5-6
Oscillator, Startup NL 23 pg. 6-7
Oscillator, 500 MegHz
NL23, pg. 7
NL 24, pg. 7-9
Oscillators AC analysis resolves performance NL16
simulating crystal controlled NL16
starting NL23
Simple Oscillator comparison NL71
Pacific Rim Models NL 33, pg. 12 NL 34, pg. 12
Pacific Rim parts join library NL33
Pan and Scale Scrollbars in IntuScope5 NL60
Parameter evaluation, subcircuit NL08
Parameters NL8, pg. 5-8
Parametric cursors and labels in Intuscope5 NL60
Parasitics NL55, pg. 10-12
Parts Bin Editor   NL79          
Peak Power   NL78          
Pentium Bugs & Chaos NL40
Phase Detector   NL78          
Phase generator, IS_SPICE NL08
Phase locked loop models NL09
CD4046 NL38, pg. 7
Doubly balanced phase detector NL33, pg. 13
Random Number Generator NL9, pg. 4
VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) NL9, pg. 2,3
phone number changes NL23
Phillips BiCMOS NL33, pg. 12
Philips Bus Drivers NL 30, pg. 12
PIN Diode Model Attenuates Over Temp NL30
PLL simulation NL38
Poly, SPICE2 Polynominal syntax NL9, pg. 6 NL12, pg. 2-3 NL20, pg. 4
  Decipher SPICE2 Poly functions NL74          
Polynomial coefficients, solving NL12
Polynomials, using SPICE NL09
Power inverter simulation, creating NL55
Power models,improving
NL27 NL68
Power Mosfet, adding the capacitor to a NL27
Power Op Amp NL 28, pg. 12
Power Specialist book free on the web NL64
Power Supply Design NL64 NL68
Power Supply Designer Notebook NL64
Power Supply Templates NL64
Pressure Transducers NL33
Product Releases
Design Validator NL49
FilterMaster Professional released NL26
ICAP/4 8.x.3 release NL51
ICAP/4 8.x.5 release NL53
ICAP/4 8.x.6 release NL54
ICAP/4 8.x.7 release NL57
8.x.9 release NL64
Rx - Your Prescription for Reduced Complexity NL50
IsSpice, Mac version
IsSpice3, new release NL26
IntuScope 2.0 release NL03
IntuScope 2.1 release NL11
IntuScope 3.0 release NL16
IntuScope 3.0M - Mac version NL17
IntuScope 3.1 release NL20
Magnetics Designer 4.0 Gets FEA Features NL55

Magnetics Designer
4.1.0 release

initial release NL45 NL46 NL47 NL56
Mechatronics Spice Library NL51
2.1 release NL11
2.1 update NL11
Mac version NL14
500 new models NL19
1000 new models NL22
generic models libraries expanded NL22
IsEd Editor NL22
update for MACs NL29
version 3.0 now shipping NL23
  Pspice-to-IsSpice4 Converter NL80          
abandons DOS Users NL46
mechanical models NL51
vs. Intusoft when comparing Op-amp models NL56
Pole-Zero Analysis NL32, pg. 9,10
Power Op-Amp  NL 28, pg.12
Power Specialists Book NL44
Power Supply Design NL64
Power Supply Topologies NL 29, pg. 10-11
Print Reduced Schematic   NL70          
Pulse code modulation NL43
Pulse Width Modulators modeling NL18
Model NL18, pg. 2 - 7
Buck Regulator  NL18, pg. 2
 Equations NL18, pg. 3-4
 50 Watt Forward Converter  NL18, pg. 7-9
 3 phase IGBT inverter  NL38, pg. 9-10
Counting the Pulses and Displaying the Results   NL75          
Economics of PV generation   NL78          
PV Lithium-Ion Battery chargers   NL78          
PZ and AC-DC Sensitivity Analyses NL32
QW-Laser Model, modeling using rate equations NL50