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Article Subject Subtopic Issue Issue Issue
AC Analysis
  Improved Advance Analysis NL80              
correcting bias problems NL54
resolving oscillator performance NL16
Accounting Output New Accounting Output NL74              
ACME Magnetics USA and Intusoft Collaborate   NL81              
A/D and D/A Modeling

creating a generic model NL53
A/D Converters
Switched Capacitor NL05, pg. 5-9
Advanced Cruise Control design of NL54
AHDL NL 32, pg.7 NL38, pg. 1-8

Cacode Amplifier

NL 35, pg. 10

RF Amplifiers, Class C NL25, pg. 7-11
Triode NL 34, pg. 10-11
Analog Behavior Modeling NL19 NL20
Analog Hardware Description Language (AHDL), developing NL40
Analog & Mixed-Signal Testing, improving NL51
Analog Multiplier   NL78              
Analog Switch, creating NL25 NL26
Analog to Digital Converter
NL5, pg. 9 NL6 NL7 NL 53-5
Antenna Pattern NL 26, pg. 4
Application Notes


elliptic filter NL02
IntuScope NL03
network models NL04
op-amp models NL01
Array processing NL41, pg. 7 NL44, pg. 1
analog design toolkit offered NL19
development system for the PC NL12
Installation Problem
Average Models for Switching Converter Design NL29
Behavioral Models NL19, pg. 4
Differentiator NL 20, pg.4
Electric Motor NL19, pg.6-7 NL20, pg.7
Friction NL19, pg.8-9 NL20, pg.7
Gears NL20, pg.7
Inertia NL19, pg.9 NL20, pg.7
Laplace NL39, pg.3
  Behavioral Models Limitations NL73              
  Making Models Behavioral Models NL72              
Multiplier NL20, pg.4
Rotation to Angle (RTOA) Model NL19, pg.7 NL20, pg.7
Rotational Systems NL19, pg. 6 NL20, pgs.7-9
Servo NL19, pg. 9 NL20, pg.8, NL38, pg.3
Servo with Noise NL20, pg.9
Slip NL20, pg.7
Spring(Torsion) NL19, pg.9 NL20, pg.7
Spring-Mass Damping NL20, pg.5
Units for mechanical systems NL19, pg.6
B element NL28, pg. 5 NL 29, pg. 13 NL44, pg. 4-5 NL53, pg. 9
Benchmarks NL10, pg.9 NL20, pg. 10 NL33, pg. 5
IBIS model NL31
IsSpice NL15, pg.11
Bidirectional units conversion NL54, pg. 4
Bifilar windings NL61, pg. 14-15
Binary Adder NL 26, pg. 6
BJT models NL34
BJT Opto coupler NL38, pg.12
Black Body Radiation Plot NL60, pg. 2,3
Boolean Expressions NL 26, pg. 5-6
Booster amp, high voltage NL58
BSIM3 model NL46
Buck Regulator model NL18

C Language Models
NL38, pg. 3 NL40, pg. 1-6
adding to a power mosfet to a capacitor NL27
Broadband model NL44, pg. 11
Ceramic NL65, pg. 4,5
DF NL65, pg. 1
ESR NL44, pg. 11
MIS (Metal Insulator Semiconductor) NL 27, pg. 10-11
Mylar NL65, pg. 2,3
  A Nonlinear Capacitor Model For SPICE NL76              
Nonlinear NL 27, pg. 10-13
Nonlinear (Spice2) Model NL3, pg. 11
Parasitic NL55, pg. 12
Sigmoid NL 27, pg. 11-13
Soakage NL65, pg. 1
Tantulum NL45, pg. 11-13
X7R Ceramic NL44, pg. 12-13
Case NL05, pg. 10
Chaos NL40
Chaotic Circuit NL40, pgs 1,9,10
Circuit initialization NL31 NL35 without UIC
CISPR16 NL63, pg. 3
CMOS Amplifies NL32, pg. 1
Code Model Software Development Kit (CMSDK) NL40
Code Models NL38, pg. 6 NL40, pg. 12
Comparator, Latching NL 26, pg. 13
Compose NL63, pg. 2
BBS now available NL31
Configurable Schematics: A New Paradigm


free IsSpice updates on NL30
information service NL33
Intusoft Information Service NL34
Intusoft Technical Support Expands to NL27
new section for Intusoft NL38
Technical Support available on NL29
Connect Current Test Point To Subckt Pins   NL70              
Constructing Sample Data Systems NL41
Continuous PID control systems NL28
Continuous time SCN models, making NL17
Control loops/emitter follower, designing NL57
Control Loops
Behavioral Servo NL 19, pg. 10 NL20, pg. 8 ,NL38, pg. 3
Bode Plot NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 3-4 NL63, pg. 4
Current-velocity position controller NL51, pg. 7 NL56, pg. 11-14
Emitter follower NL1, pg. 1, NL57, pg. 1- 5
High Voltage Booster Amp NL58, pg. 11-12
Intrinsic feedback NL57, pg. 1
Rotational Systems NL19, pg. 6 NL20, pg. 7- 9
Switch Mode Power Supply NL57, pg. 6-10
System NL5, pg. 4
System with Noise NL20, pg. 9
Units for mechanical systems NL19, pg. 6
Control Systems
PID Controller NL28, pg. 6,7
Convergence problems,eliminating NL49
Convergence Methods NL72              
  A New and Unique DC Convergence Option NL74              
Convergence Solutions
Cross-probing NL33
DC path to ground (Spice3) NL3, pg. 10
Diodes NL3, pg. 10
Initialization NL28, pg. 9; NL 35, pg. 5,6 NL53, pg. 10,11
Limit cycles NL2, pg. 7
Nodeset NL2, pg. 6; NL3, pg. 10
  Divide by Zero revisited NL76              
Numerical overflow (Divide by zero ) NL2, pg. 6; NL 27, pg. 12,13 NL63, pg. 11,12
Time step control NL28, pg. 9; NL59, pg. 11
Time Step too small NL2, pg. 7
UIC NL2, pg. 7 NL53, pg. 10,11
Coupled Lossy Transmission Lines NL30, pg. 3
Crossprobe Thumbnail Graphs   NL79              
Cross Talk NL02 NL03 NL04
Crystal Controlled Oscillators NL16
Crystals NL 16, pg. 8
Current conveyors NL41, pg. 11-12
Current limited power supply for circuit testing
Current Mirror NL12, pg. 6-8
Current Mode Design Techniques NL41
Current Transmitter, 2 wire NL37, pg. 11
Customizing Toolbars NL64
Custom Calculator Entires
Cyrix Coprocessors NL17
D/A Modeling NL53
DAC, new products NL41
Darlington BJT netlists NL64
DC Convergence                  
  A New and Unique DC Convergence Option NL74              
DC Sweep (Spice2 Obsolete) NL22, pg. 9-10
Datasheets -- Finding the One You Need Fast NL62
DG200 NL25, pg. 4 NL26, pg.9
demo software NL66, pg. 11
Design Autotransformer   NL70              
Design Validator new option NL48
new release NL49
Desktop Publishing NL08
Design Techniques, current mode NL41
Designing the Decoder   NL75              
Design Validator NL48, pg. 1,8-9 NL49, pg. 1, pg. 5
Mapping NL46, pg. 11
Quantities NL46, pg. 12
Developing A Hanning Window
Diagonal wires NL64, pg. 8
Digital Data Viewer   NL79              
Digital Filters NL09
Digital Phase comparator NL 28, pg. 8-9
simulating NL41
Spice2 compatible NL03, pg. 3-7
Threshold Logic NL04, pgs. 3-7
Digital potentiometer NL48, pg. 12-14
X931x Digital potentiometer NL48, pg. 12,13,14
Digital to Analog Converter NL6 NL7 NL 53-5
Diode Models
Forward Recovery NL32, pg. 6
Photodiodes NL 34, pg. 5
PIN NL 31, pg. 11
Rectifier NL43, pg. 12
Reverse Recovery NL32, pg. 3-5
Schottky NL 32, pg. 2-4
Soft Recovery/Schotkey NL 32, pg. 2-8
Varacter NL16, pg. 8-10
Divider, (SPICE2 Obsolete) NL9, pg. 8
Does Your Simulator Stack Up? NL32
Download ICAP/4Rx
Driver, Bus NL30, pg. 4, 12
DSP Designer Release   NL82              
Dual Gate Mosfets NL22, pg. 6-8
Dynamic Thermal Models for Junction Transistors NL10
Eastern Block Countries Open Up NL20
ECN on simulating connectors NL30
EDA Tools on the Mac NL44
EDIF for Mentor   NL70              
EDN reviews SPICE simulations NL25
EKV Low Power MOSFET Model NL64
Electromagnetic Field Solvers NL37, pg. 8
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) NL63, pg. 3
Eliminating convergence problems NL49
Elliptic Filter application note NL02
Emitter follower, designing NL57
Encoder Model NL75              
EPFL NL63, pg. 12
Europe gets Intusoft's Mirror Site NL48
EVA (Extreme value analysis) NL54, pg. 1-2
Excel NL60, pg. 14-16
Exclusive OR, Where Analog Meets Digital NL75              
*exempt NL66, pg. 11
Eye Diagram NL65