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Article Subject Subtopic Issue Issue Issue              
Radar Sensor, creating for advanced cruise control NL52              
RAMPTIME NL39, pg. 2              
Random noise generator, building NL09              
Reconfigurable schematics using ICAP/4Windows NL50, pg. 1thru 4 NL56, pg. 2 NL63, pg. 14              
Rectifier, precision, 30MegHz NL41, pg. 12-13              
Registry files NL63, pg. 14,15                
Relaxation oscillator using a Gunn Diode NL52                
Relay model comparison NL49                
Relay modeling NL49                
Relays solid state NL25, pg. 2-5                
RELTOL NL4, pg. 8 NL39, pg. 10                
Remotely powered sensor NL37, pg. 11                
Removed Select Limits and Expanded Others   NL79                  
Report part count
NL60, pg. 11
  Rubberbanding NL66, pg. 1                  
  Platinum Resistor NL 24-12                  
  Parasitic NL55-12                  
Results Dialog and Report File   NL79                  
RF Amplifiers, Class C NL25, pg. 7-11                
RF beads NL 23, pg. 6-8                
RF Device Library gets updated NL23                
RF Library version 3.0 adds PIN Diodes NL31                
RF circuit model simulation NL 23, pg. 6 NL 30, pg. 12                
RF Technology                
Amplifiers, Class C NL25, pg. 7-11                
Antenna pattern NL 26, pg. 4                
FMCW Distance Radar NL52 12-15                
GaAs MesFets NL27, pg. 7                
Gunn Diode Relaxation Oscillator NL52, pg. 10-11                
Inductor, Coilcraft NL50, pg. 18-19                
Microstrip NL23, pg. 8 NL 30, pg. 4                
Negative Resistance Amplifier NL51, pg. 12,13,22                
Oscillator, 500 MegHz NL23, pg. 7 NL 24, pg. 7- 9                
PIN Diode NL31, pg. 11                
S parameters NL62, pg. 5-9 NL66, pg. 4                
Smith chart NL66, pg. 4                
RF transistors models available NL19                
RF/Microwave Analysis NL51                
Ring Oscillator NL28, pg. 9-10                
RISC vs CISC Caching, and Compilers NL54                
RLC Models NL55, pg. 10-12                
RSS in New ICAP/4 8.x.6 NL54                
RSS (Root Sum Square) analysis NL54, pg. 1-2 NL55, pg. 14                
SALT NL44, pg. 1                
SALT, new SPICE modeling product NL45                
Sample and Hold NL 26, pg. 9-10 NL65, pg. 5-6                
Improved Export Schematic as SubCkt
Save Schematic to EMF NL70                
Schematic "Save As" NL70                
Schmitt trigger NL 28, pg. 10                
Schottky rectifiers NL32                
SCN Bandpass Filter NL17                
Scope4 (Obsolete) NL03, pg. 1                
Scope4 (Obsolete) 10 cycle log macro NL08, pg. 4                
Beta, getting the new release NL57                
  ExtractMid and ZapDelay script NL74                  
New NL58, pg.1 - 8                
Parametric Cursors NL60, pg. 6 NL64, pg. 7                
Scripts NL64                
CSDF File Format NL70                
  fastest models ever in IsSpice3 NL27                  
  SCR Rectifier NL 27, pg. 6                  
Scripting, Visual Basic with IsSpice NL48 NL60              
Semiconductors, thermal modeling of NL11              
Sendscript NL66, pg. 2              
Sensitivity NL54, pg. 1-2              
Hall Effect NL 33, pg. 9-11              
Pressure NL 33, pg. 6- 9              
Behavioral Servo NL 19, pg. 10 NL20, pg. 8 NL38, pg. 3              
Bode Plot NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 3-4 NL63, pg. 4              
  Current, pg. velocity position controller NL51, pg. 7 NL56, pg. 11-14                
  Emitter follower NL1, pg. 1, NL57, pg. 1- 5                
  High Voltage Booster Amp NL58, pg. 11-12                
  Intrinsic feedback NL57, pg. 1                
  Rotational Systems NL19, pg. 6 NL20, pg. 7- 9                
  Switch Mode Power Supply NL57, pg. 6-10                
  System NL5, pg. 4                
  System with Noise NL20, pg. 9                
  Units for mechanical systems NL19, pg. 6                
Servo simulation NL19 NL20            
Setting measurement tolerances NL53            
Sidactor modeling using SpiceMod NL51            
Signal Generators
(B)PSK source NL 37, pg. 12            
AC and pulse NL54, pg. 12            
AM NL 32, pg. 12,13            
Current Limited Power Supply NL53, pg. 9            
FSK source NL37, pg. 13            
Gated Stimulus NL 31, pg. 13            
NTSC NL40, pg. 13            
PCM 1bit A/D sine wave NL43, pg. 7            
Phase Delay NL39, pg. 2            
Random Number Generator NL9, pg. 4            
State Machine NL43, pg. 7            
Surge Generators NL39, pg. 12            
Three Phase Generator NL8, pg. 7,8,9 NL43, pg. 8            
Variable Phase NL 33, pg. 12            
Signal Integrity
Clock Distribution
NL6, pg. 6            
Clock Drivers NL6, pg. 5,10            
Connectors NL37, pg. 2 thru 5            
Crosstalk NL6, pg. 4-7 NL37, pg. 5            
Ground Bounce NL34, pg. 4,5            
Ground Plane NL6, pg. 8,9            
Interconnects NL6, pg. 1 NL 30, pg. 3 NL 31, pg. 2            
Lumped L, pg. C Models NL6, pg. 2            
Microprocessor Clock NL6, pg. 6            
Transmission Lines NL6, pg. 1
Simulating a fluorescent tube NL51            
Simulating Circuits With Behavioral Models Nl37            
binary full adder NL26            
circuits Nl34            
mixed mode NL28            
RF NL24            
sample-and-hold NL26            
test generators NL39            
using SPICE NL34            
variable phase NL33            
with SCRs NL24            
class C RF Amplifiers NL25            
crystal controlled oscillators NL16            
dual opto-coupler NL38            
filter functions NL39            
FSK NL37            
fuzzy logic NL28            
IGBT chopper circuit NL32            
in the 90's NL38 NL39 NL42 NL43            
GaAs Mesfet circuits using IsSpice3 NL27            
midi synthesizer NL39            
native mixed-mode NL39            
nonlinear inductors NL42            
PSK NL37            
pulse code modulation NL43            
sensor amp, remotely powered NL37            
resonant regulators NL24            
  SMPS designs NL29 NL43                
  speed-control servo NL39                
  square wave VCO circuits NL35                
  State Machine NL40                
  vacuum pump systems NL30                
Simulating with SPICE now available NL43 NL44            
MCT NL35            
native mixed-mode in ICAP/4 Windows NL39            
PCB Effects NL31            
system-level NL47            
Simulation Measurements            
Bode Plot NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 3-4 NL63, pg. 4            
Bandwidth NL31, pg. 9            
Automatic NL54, pg. 2 NL55, pg. 5-6            
Impedance NL56, pg. 1-5            
Open Loop Measurement NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 1            
Simulation Templates

NL54, pg. 2

NL56, pg. 1 - 5 NL62, pg. 9 -14            
Singing Filters NL57            
Smith chart NL66, pg. 4            
SMPS Design Book            
new book available NL48 NL49 NL50 NL55            
SMPS Designers get new libraries
SMPS Designs, simulation
SMPS Design
NL29, pg. 1
Average Models NL 29, pg. 2 NL59, pg. 4 -9 NL64, pg. 2 NL66, pg. 5            
Bode Plot NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 3-4 NL63, pg. 4 NL66, pg. 12-13            
Bridge wizard NL64, pg. 8            
Buck-Boost NL29, pg. 3            
Design framework NL64, pg. 1            
Efficiency NL64, pg. 2            
Flyback converter and transformer NL54, pg. 6 -11            
Flyback wizard NL64, pg. 4            
Forward Converter UC1843 NL41, pg. 11,12            
Forward wizard NL64, pg. 8            
Ground Loop Noise NL57, pg. 11 - 14            
Input Filter Stability Analysis NL57, pg. 6 - 10            
Library NL42, pg. 10            
LT1243 NL59, pg. 12            
  PFC Average Models
(Power Factor Correction)
PFC (Power Factor Correction) NL29, pg. 3-9            
Power Inverters NL55, pg. 7- 9            
Push- pull NL64, pg. 8            
Rectifier Start-up NL 29, pg. 2            
SCR Inverter NL55, pg. 9,13            
Step Down converter NL43, pg. 13            
NL3, pg. 8
Soft recovery diodes
software winners, ICAP/4            
Source Stepping NL21, pg. 9,10            
Spark gap modeling NL58            
Speech synthesis NL17            
Special PSpice offer NL51            
Speed-control servo, simulating NL39            
3 NL32, pg. 1,9 thru 11          
1 2 3 and beyond NL71          
3 B Element NL44          
.DC Option NL22          
.OPTIONS ITL6 NL21          
and Windows 3.0 NL20          
EDN article reviews SPICE simulations NL25          
for Linux NL54          
interactive NL33          
ITL6 Option NL21          
keyless network NL42          
libraries NL49          
made easy NL48          
model libraries NL38 NL39 NL42 NL43          
model web links NL55 NL56          
Neural Network Development Part 1 Part 2          
new multi-processor NL41          
obtaining models NL50          
power and ease-of-use NL50          
simulating a fluorescent lamp tube NL51          
source stepping NL21          
sweeping resistor and temperature values NL22          
training NL55          
undocumented options NL21          
using polynomials NL9          
Spice and Model References          
A/D Converters NL5, pg. 9          
Buck Regulator NL43, pg. 5 NL47, pg. 12          
Capacitors NL44, pg. 13          
Code Modeling NL39, pg. 9          
Control systems NL 20, pg. 6          
CS-322 Cherry Hysteretic converter NL43, pg. 4          
Current conveyers NL41, pg. 13          
Diodes NL32, pg. 8          
Dual Gate Mosfets NL 22, pg. 8          
EMI/EMC NL4, pg. 8          
ETS Solar Cells NL4, pg. 7          
Flyback template NL63, pg. 6,9          
Fuzzy Logic NL28, pg. 7          
Hysteretic CMC and Buck Regulators NL43, pg. 2 thru 5          
Interconnects NL6, pg. 11 NL30, pg. 7          
Lead Inductance NL34, pg. 4,5          
Magnetics NL41, pg. 6          
MesFets NL27, pg. 7          
Model Vendors NL14, pg. 10          
MOSF NL3, pg. 9          
MOTORS NL46, pg. 13          
MOV NL44, pg. 8          
Neural Networks NL12, pg. 8 NL14, pg. 6          
Op, pg. Amps NL14, pg. 10          
Power Mosfets NL14, pg. 10          
Power Supply Designers Library NL43, pg. 1,2          
Power supply templates NL63, pg. 5 thru 10          
PWM NL 18, pg. 9          
Reliability NL5, pg. 10          
Sample and Hold NL 26, pg. 10          
SCR NL24, pg. 6 NL 27, pg. 4-5          
Sine wave generation NL43, pg. 8          
SMPS average models NL43, pg. 8          
SMPS Models NL 29, pg. 11          
Solid State Relays NL 25, pg. 6          
Spark gap NL50, pg. 13          
Statz Model NL27, pg. 7          
Switched Capacitor NL3, pg. 9 NL4, pg. 6 NL4, pg. 7 NL5, pg. 9, NL17, pg. 9          
Transient Voltage Suppressor NL44, pg. 8          
Vacuum tubes NL 34, pg. 11 NL35, pg. 11          

Spice Applications Handbook
volume 1 release NL16          
2nd edition NL35          
Spice Breakpoints NL31, pg. 1          
Spice Cookbook debuts NL22          
now shipping NL23          
Spice Features          
ICL NL 32, pg. 9 NL47, pg. 11-12          
Interactive NL33, pg. 1-3 NL34 1-2 NL 25, pg. 1,3-4 NL37, pg. 1-9          
Real Time Probing NL33, pg. 2          
Spice3 NL32, pg. 1, 9 -11          
Spice4 NL33, pg. 1          
Visual Basic Scripting NL48, pg. 10-11 NL60, pg. 14 -16          
SPICE library, new mechatronics NL51          
Spice model for a vacuum triode NL12          
Spice Options          
.OPTIONS (Spice2, Obsolete) NL4, pg. 9          
.TRAN NL4, pg. 8          
DC Sweep (Spice2 Obsolete) NL22, pg. 9.10          
Errors NL60, pg. 11          
Gear Integration NL 32, pg. 6          
ITL6 NL21, pg. 9,10          
RAMPTIME NL39, pg. 2          
RELTOL NL4, pg. 8 NL39, pg. 10          
Report part count NL60, pg. 11          
Source Stepping NL21, pg. 9,10          
Temp NL27, pg. 8          
Time Step Control NL4, pg. 8          
UIC NL7, pg. 9 NL23, pg. 7          
VSECTOL NL60, pg. 7 thru 10          
internet-enabled NL53          
new in '98 NL51          
adds Triac models NL45          
helps model Dual-Gate Mosfets NL22          
improved SCR models NL24          
SPICE model generation NL38 NL39          
SPICE modeling spreadsheet NL18          
version 2 adds IGBT and SCR modeling NL23          
Perfecting Spicemod5 NL64          
Preview screenshots NL59          
New graphical interface and models NL60          
SpiceNet NL5, pg. 1 thru 7          
2.0 release NL11          
2.0 review NL11          
8.0 release NL48          
for macintosh at Wescon NL23          
integrated schematic entry NL38 NL39 NL42 NL43          
new on the web NL49          
Using diagonal wires in SpiceNet NL64          
  more SpiceNet Ehancements NL79                  
SSDI Provides ISSPICE4 Rectifier Models NL43          
SSRs and Switches NL25 NL26          
Stability Analysis          
Behavioral Servo NL 19, pg. 10 NL20, pg. 8 NL38, pg. 3          
Bode Plot NL56, pg. 10 NL57, pg. 3,4 NL63, pg. 4          
Current, pg. velocity position controller NL51, pg. 7 NL56, pg. 11 thru 14          
Emitter follower NL1, pg. 1 NL57, pg. 1 thru 5          
High Voltage Booster Amp NL58, pg. 11,12          
Intrinsic feedback NL57, pg. 1          
Rotational Systems NL19, pg. 6 NL20, pg. 7 thru 9          
Switch Mode Power Supply NL57, pg. 6 thru 10          
System NL5, pg. 4          
System with Noise NL20, pg. 9          
Units for mechanical systems NL19, pg. 6          
State Machine, simulating NL31          
Steady State (Transient) NL7, pg. 8          
Stimulating circuits NL31          
subcircuit parameter evaluation NL8          

Building Hierarchial Models with Subdrawings

Superfamily ICL Script and Eye Diagrams NL65          
sweeps, eyes and families NL65          
Sweep Methods in ICAP/4 NL65          
Switched capacitor          
Bandpass NL17, pg. 7          
Bi, pg. Quad Models NL17, pg. 4
Integrator NL17, pg. 2          
Laplace Models NL17, pg. 6          
LTC1610 NL17, pg. 4          
Network Filter NL4, pg. 1 thru 8 NL5, pg. 5 thru 9          
Neural Nets NL14, pg. 3          
network models NL04          
System Elements          
Anti-Aliasing NL02, pg.1          
Differentiator NL05, pg.4 NL20, pg.4          
Digital NL40, pg. 4 NL41, pg.2 - 6          
Digital Spice2 NL05, pg.5          
ELLIPTIC NL02, pg.1 NL3, pgs.9,10          
FIR NL41, pg.5          
IIR NL41, pg. 4          
Integrator NL05, pg.4 NL19, pg.4          
Laplace NL39, pg. 4 NL04, pg. 5          
Lead-lag NL05, pg.4          
Monte Carlo NL02, pg.2,4 NL 31, pg. 10          
Multiplier NL05, pg.4 NL20, pg.4          
Noise NL02, pg. 3          
Overshoot NL02, pg. 2          
SALT NL47, pg. 1,6,7,8          
Servo NL05, pg.4          
Summers NL05, pg.4 NL19, pg.4          
Switched Capacitor NL5, pg.5          
Sweeps NL65, pg. 10 -15 NL66, pg. 3          
Spice 2 model NL2, pg. 6              
Functions NL 29, pg. 13              
Code Model NL47, pg. 10              
Switch Model NL 26, pg. 8              
System-level simulation NL47              
Temp NL27, pg. 8              
Temperature analyses NL27, pg. 8-9              
Temperature Sensitivity of Platinum Resistors NL24, pg. 12              
Tenth Anniversary, Intusoft celebrates NL44              
Tesla Coil Project NL75                  
Test Designer NL50, pg. 1,5 thru 8              
Definitions NL52, pg. 8 NL61, pg. 2              
Entropy NL52, pg. 6              
Guard Band NL52, pg. 7 NL61, pg. 2              
Setting measurement tolerances NL53, pg. 2-5              
Structural integrity NL66, pg. 14-15              
Using a Fault Tree NL61, pg. 1-4              
Test Point Support B-Element NL70              
Thermal models NL10, pg. 3-6              
Thermal modeling of semiconductors NL11              
Thermal nodes NL10              
Thermister Models NL10, pg. 3-6              
Three Phase Generators NL08, pg. 7-9              
TI Bus Interface model NL39 pg. 11              
TIL431 NL43, pg. 13              
Time NL44, pg. 5              
Timers and oscillators              
555 NL42, pg. 12              
IC clock NL53, pg. 10              
Wien Bridge NL48, pg. 14              
Time Step Control NL4, pg. 8              
  Time Step too small NL74                  
Tips for Faster Design NL75                  
Topologies, power supply NL29              
Toy Car Nl13, p.g 9-10              
Transient Voltage Suppression NL44, pg. 6,7              
Transimpedance Op Amps NL15, pg. 2-10              
Tungsten Lamp NL11, pg. 6 NL07 NL08              
Test synthesis techniques NL52              
.TRAN NL4, pg. 8              
Transducer Op-Amp NL37, pg.11              
Transfer Function Analyser NL76                  
  Using the TFA
(Transfer Function Analyser)
Transformer-Rectifiers NL8, pg. 9              
Transformers NL7, pg. 10              
Transformers, multiple winding NL12, pg. 9              
Transient Simulation Control NL72                  
Transient Initialization NL72                  
Transient Steady State NL7, pg. 8              
Transient Voltage Suppression NL44              
Transimpedance Op-Amps NL15              
Transmission line modeling NL6              
Triac modeling NL 27, pg. 4-5 NL 45, pg. 6-9              
Triode amplifier NL34              
Triode equation NL12              
Tungsten lamp model NL11              
Turns Counter Project   NL75                  
Two-Port Network Characterizations NL62              
G parameters NL62, pg. 8              
S parameters NL62, pg. 8              
T parameters NL62, pg. 8              
Y parameters NL62, pg. 7              
Z parameters NL62, pg. 7              
UIC NL7, pg. 9 NL23, pg. 7              
Uitrode seminar uses Intusoft tools NL31              
Undocumented SPICE Options NL21 NL22              
Unique Solution Sidebar NL72                  
Units conversion SPICE model NL54 NL61, pg. 8              
Units convertor/calculator free NL54              
User scripts NL 64, pg. 8-9              
Using equations in Intusoft's Units Converter NL61              
Unlimited Spice Models NL18              
Using SPICE for neural network development NL14              
Using Spice output NL 34, pg. 13              
Using Windows/386 NL9              
Using SPICE more effectively impedance measurements NL56              
passive element modeling NL55              
vacuum tubes Cacode Amplifier NL35, pg. 10              
Triode NL12, pg. 1-6 NL34 pg. 6-10              
Triode Equation NL12, pg. 2-4              
Pentode Equation NL35, pg. 7              
vacuum triode SPICE model              
Varacter Diodes NL16, pg. 8              
Varistor NL44, pg. 6-7              
Vendor Models NL 28, pg. 11              
version switching NL63, pg. 14-15              
Viewlogic ICAP™ links with NL48 NL47              
OEMs Intusoft Technology NL50              
Visual Basic scripting with IsSpice4 NL48              
Voltage Controlled Oscillator   NL73                  
Voltage Regulator Module NL65, pg. 8-10              
Voltage Suppression, transient NL44              
Voltage Variable Capacitor NL73                  
VRM Filter NL65              
VSECTOL NL60, pg. 7- 10 NL68, pg. 12              
Web-based Help NL58              
Web Links NL55, pg. 14 NL62, pg. 14-15              
Web Site, new NL44              
Wescon 1990, new products previewed NL19              
1991, new products and updates NL23              
1995, new products previewed NL44              
What makes IsSpice so powerful? NL48              
Why is this feature important? Automated Measurements NL55              
Why Is ICAP/4Rx So Easy To Use? NL49              
Why Windows 3.0 And SPICE Don't Mix NL20              
Why You Need ICAP/4 Automated Measurements NL55              
Managing Simulation Results NL56              
Windows 3.0 and SPICE NL20              
Windows 95 Guarantee NL43              
Worried About Mergers? NL51 NL 52              
Worst Case Analysis NL54, pg. 1-2              
XML Database for PCB Footprint NL70              
Support XP Style UI NL70              
X7R Ceramic NL44, pg. 12-13              
Xspice NL38, pg. 6            
Year 2000 Compliance NL52              
Zero Order Hold NL4, pg. 4 NL6, pg. 11