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Article Subject Subtopic Issue Issue Issue
Family ICL Script NL65
Fault Tree NL61, pg. 1-4
  Got Fault? NL80          
Field Simulators, what they do NL37
Convolution NL47, pg. 8
FFT NL47, pg. 8
FIR NL41, pg. 5
Hanning Window NL53, pg. 8,9
IIR NL41, pg. 4
Laplace NL39, pg. 4
Notch NL65, pg. 7
SCN Bandpass NL17
Filter functions, simulating NL39
Filtering ground loop noise NL57
active filters NL30
active filter design NL31
Active now has scaling NL29
Professional released NL26
filter design NL38 NL39 NL42 NL43
links to schematic NL23
passive filter design program NL23
Finite Element Analysis NL55, pg. 1
FIR Filter Performs Signal Averaging NL41
Fluorescent Lamp NL51, pg. 8-11
Fluorescent lamp ballast NL51-11
Flyback Transformer Design NL54
Flyback Template NL64
FMCW-Distance Radar NL52
Footprints Footprint and Part Number pickers NL74          
Forward Converter NL18 NL42
Forward Template NL64
Free Utilities
IBIS-2-SPICE Converter NL53
IsSpice updates on CompuServe NL30
Magnetics Designer core database update NL48
Power Specialist's Book NL55
SMPS Design Book NL50
Web Calculator and IBIS-2-SPICE Converter NL53
FTP Site NL44
Frequency NL44, pg. 5
Full-Wave Precision Rectifier, 30MegHz NL41
Fuse NL21, pg. 2-8
Fuse model listing NL21
Fuzzy logic, simulating NL28, pg. 1, 5-7
Gear Integration NL 32, pg. 6
Generating Magnetic Design models NL53
Generic A/D and D/A modeling NL53
Generic BIPOLAR OP-AMP Model NL01, pg. 1-2 NL05, pg 4 NL56, pg. 8-9
Generic FET NL05, pg. 4
GFT Brief Summary   NL70  NL62, pg. 14
Ground Bounce NL34, pg. 4-5
Ground loop noise, filtering NL57
Ground Plane Coupling NL06
Group Delay
NL 04, pg. 9
Gunn Diode Relaxation Oscillator NL52
Hall Effect Sensors


Hanning Window, developing a NL53
Hardware Interface NL45, pg. 1,2 NL47, pg. 6,7
HDL Development Kit Released NL41
Help, interactive online
High Voltage Booster Amp NL58
High Voltage Op-Amp NL58
HTML-based Help NL58
HTML-based Newsletter NL59
Hysteretic Average Model   NL69          
IBIS NL30, pg. 1- 7 NL31, pg. 2 -5, NL37, pg. 5 NL54, pg. 5
IBIS models
benchmarked NL31
from Intel NL30
IBIS-to-SPICE Converter, free utility NL53
  New IBIS to SPICE converter NL74          
  8.x.11 Build 3435 NL82          
8.x.11 Build 3247 NL81          
  8.x.11 Build 3090 release NL80          
  8.x.11 Build 2450 release NL77          
  8.x.11 release NL75          
New Features in Sept. 2003 8 x 10 release NL71
8 x 10 release NL66
8.x.9 release NL62
8.x.8 release NL62
8.x.7 release NL58 NL57
8.x.6 release NL53
8.x.6 Adds RSS, EVA, Sensitivity and Worst Case Analyses NL54
active filters NL30
Deluxe upgrade option NL21
ICAP for Power Macs Being Readied NL38
7.x, DOS, and 8.1.0 users save money NL54
Native Mixed Mode NL40
Update NL31
Using ICAP/4 to run in a Client Server Environment NL71
  Continues to Grow in 2004 NL73          
at Wescon 95 NL44
interactivity NL34
keyless network NL43
maintenance update NL37
new offer NL33
power pc NL35
sweeping made easier NL35
ICAP/4 Consumer ICAP/4 Consumer is Here NL75          
initial release NL35
special offers NL37
upgrade a hit! NL38
upgrade offer NL45
xtra summer sale NL42 NL43
download ICAP/4Rx NL56
for sale on the web NL54 NL55
low cost SPICE gets reduced complexity and power NL50
Macintosh Powerbooks NL37
Interactive Control Language
( ICL)
  How to use ICL Variables NL76          
Black Body Radiation Plot NL60, pg. 2-3
Compose (make a vector from a list) NL63, pg. 2
Dv/dt script for an SCR NL61, pg. 12
Extracting data from vectors NL63, pg. 3-4
Scope5 NL59, pg. 2-3
Scripts NL63, pg. 14-15
Spice4 NL 32, pg. 9 NL47, pg. 11-12
IntuScope5 NL59
New ICL Commands in IntuScope5 NL64
Units in Scope5 NL60, pg. 4
IsSpice ICL NL60
ICL Scripting NL71
IC Stepping A New and Unique DC Convergence Option NL74          
IEEE C62.41, pg. 1991 NL39, pg. 12
If -then-else NL 26, pg. 6-7 NL 26, pg. 8 ,NL27, pg. 2 NL44, pg. 4
IGBT models NL25 NL34 NL38
chopper circuit NL 32, pg. 6
NL56, pg. 1-5
Inductor and laser modeling
Model, Coilcraft NL7, pg. 10
Nonlinear Inductors NL50, pg. 18,19
NL42, pg. 3,4
Parasitic NL55, pg. 12
IsEd5   NL79          
Inst. Amps & Transducers, combining NL37
Instrumentation Op-Amp NL37, pg.12
Initializing circuits without UIC NL53, pg. 10 NL7, pg. 9 NL66, pg. 12-13
Integrated CAE package update NL11
Internet-enabled SpiceFarm™ remote simulation access NL53
2.0 release NL03
2.1 update review NL11
3.0 release NL16
3.0M - Mac version NL17
3.1 release NL20
3.1 updates shipped NL21
5.0 beta release NL58
5.0 Uses ICL NL59
5.0 Features NL60
Calculator functions in 5.0 beta NL60
10 cycle log macro NL08
data processing NL34
graphical waveform processing NL38 NL39 NL42 NL43
new features NL58
  improved IntuScope NL79          
Intusoft on the move
NL19 NL68

Intusoft and SiSoft Join Forces with Partnership

Inverters and buffers with smooth transitions, creating NL53
IIR Low-Pass Filters NL41
introducing NL10
performance comparisons NL10
286 breaks the DOS 640 barrier NL13

analog/mixed-signal simulation

NL38 NL39 NL42 NL43
Benchmarks NL15
electro-mechanical relay model in NL25
has more models
Boolean logic expressions NL26
gear integration NL32
ground bounce using NL31
in-line equations NL26
new release NL26
new switch models NL26
numerical overflow protection NL27
parameterizing NL27
Phase generator NL08
simulates GaAs Mesfet circuits NL27
simulates more circuits NL27
simulating SMPS Designs NL29
simulation breakpoints NL31
using fuzzy logic NL28
  New Transient Options NL78          
7.6 release NL45
C subroutines added NL42 NL43
gets new BSIM3 model
included in version 7.6 release NL46
mechanical models NL51
scripting gives you more power NL47
scripting Visual Basic with NL48
third-party interface to NL34
what makes it so powerful? NL48
Mac NL14 NL15
the versatility of NL13
using on a 486 computer NL19
version 1.46 release NL10
the versatility of NL13
If - Then - Else
expressions NL26
speeds simulation NL27


JFET Models NL 30, pg. 12
Junction transistors, dynamic thermal models NL10
Keyless network
ICAP/4 Windows
Laplace expressions NL40
Lamp NL11, pg. 6 NL07 NL08
Laser Diode Model NL14, pg. 7-9
Laser Driver NL14, pg. 9
Laser modeling with IsSpice and PreSpice NL14
Latching Comparator NL 26, pg. 13
Variable Impedance NL 27, pg. 3
Layers in schematics NL50, pg. 1-4 NL51, pg. 4,5
Library Manager
  Improved Import SPICE Model NL80          
  Extends to ICAP/4 "Deluxe" Sofware NL73          
Light Bulb NL07 NL08 NL-11, pg. 6
Limiters NL 27, pg. 2
Lot NL05, pg. 10
LTC1610 NL17, pg.4
Lumped L-C Models for Interconnects NL06